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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Very itchy rash head to toe and have eaten gluten-free for 6 mos -yr. Skin biopsy done and came back negative. Still have severe rash even tho eating gluten-free. Do you have to be eating gluten for skin biopsy to be positive? Can other grains also be linked to DH, or only gluten? Does anyone have a recommendation for DR in Denver area? Also taking thyroid meds for Hashimotos (for years). Have seen many dr.s but none have found reason for rash - and meds prescribed are high dose of steroid shot or Methotrexate because this rash is so severe. Thanks!
  2. I just posted a question for recommendations for dermatologist/dr in Denver area due to rash head to toe and ITCHY. Forgot to mention - have eaten gluten-free for 6 months? (strict & started for thyroid). And skin biopsy was done, but came back negative (was it done incorrectly?) and currently see endo, md, etc due to Hashimotos to regulate thyroid (5 + yrs). Is this itchy red rash due to Thyroid or food reaction? Do other grain sensitivities cause dermatitis hepaformis, or only gluten? As of now, eating totally grain, egg, dairy free (started week ago,and no change so far). Thanks
  3. Does anyone have a GREAT recommendation for a dermatologist for dermatitis hepaformis, and/or hard to diagnose skin conditions? In the Denver area. A skin biopsy was done and was negative; however, the rash looks very much like it. Also wondering if biopsy was done incorrectly. The other factor is Hashimoto's (on thyroid replacement) and is that what is causing rash? Rash is head to toe and VERY itchy. Been to multiple drs - dermatologist, endo, md, Jewish, University and no one has identified skin condition - for 2 years now. Thank you for any suggestions that might help diagnose.