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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Hi Ellyn. Have you tried taking flax oil pills?? I have had dh since High School. I kind of accidently discovered about 10 years ago that flax pills both prevent the itch and sores aand also help to make them go away. Good luck. Ellie
  2. Flax Oil

    Hi, I have only taken as a pill. I tried the liquid once and found it too yukky a taste. I never thought about putting it on topically but maybe that would work too. I have no idea as to why it works. Guess I'm a gatherer of cures but mainly don't understand the science behind it. I've been meaning to pass this along for years but never got around to looking at the posts. Ellie
  3. Flax Oil

    Hi All, Just a quick note to say that I've had dh since I was in high school. (I'm almost 59 now) I take many supplements as I am sure we all do. I started taking flax seed oil many years ago and discovered it quickly dries up the dh rash and cuts the itching almost immediately. Please try it. I have never taken dapsone as I can control the rash with flax. I've tried many brands and they all seem to work. I only get breakout these if I accidently eat gluten as in salad dressing, etc.
  4. Hormones And Dh

    Anyone noticed they break out in DH at specific times in their menstrual cycle? When I used to cycle I found it to happen at mid-cycle and pre-menstrual. I am "older" now and in menopause and recently started trying the bioidentical hormones like Susanne Somers and others talk about. I find they are causing me to break out in DH in my scalp for the first time in my life. Any experience or advice is much appreciated.
  5. Dapson

    Hi, I'm struggling with DH breaking out since i started taking estrogen, progesterone for menopausal symptoms. This time it broke out in my scalp. Never had it there before. Wanted t tell you that FLAX oil pills help it to go away for a few hours and are without side effects except they loosen up ones stool. Try one and don't be afraid to increase the dose to 2. Hope it helps. Elkris