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About Me

I have an MBA in Economic Crime & Fraud Management. I am also an author and hope to be published soon. biggrin.gif

No official diagnosis (or plans to get one), but heritage puts me at risk for Celiac Disease. (I read that 3 of the 5 heritages most likely to develop it are Germany, England, Ireland -- all 3 are in my background. On top of that, the county my family comes from in Ireland has a high rate of 1 in 300 people being gluten sensitive or full-blown Celiac Disease.) I also have a family member on my Mom's side who I believe was officially diagnosed with celiac disease.

I have been gluten-free since August 1, 2008, and it has made a world of difference. As things got worse for me, before my doctor realized gluten was probably the problem, it seemed that I suddenly developed all these food allergies to things that had never bothered me before (like garlic, much to my dismay!). As I healed on my gluten-free diet, I found I could eat them again! Still can't really do raw garlic any more, unless it's very mild, but I am so, so glad to be able to eat it cooked again, that it's just fine with me!

My wife does NOT need to be gluten free, but our household is 100% gluten-free all the same, so that anything I pick up to snack on, is totally safe. It makes preparing meals so much easier.

I just wish gluten-free food wasn't so expensive! (And that we didn't have to drive out-of-state for so many ingredient staples.)

  1. Which one did you go to? Both the MMs I've been to have been delicious (and I'm pretty picky on taste -- in general on any food, but also because we frequently make gluten-free pizza from scratch at home), and reasonably priced. The last time, I went with my partner, my Mom, and a close friend. I...
  2. Are you in Tennessee by any chance?