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  1. If you feel good without grains then I would cut them out completely. If your are the type of person who needs an official diagnosis to remain gluten-free then a biopsy may be a good idea. I never had one done. I was told to start the gluten-free diet and see how I feel being I didn't want the biopsy and I feel great. Being completely gluten-free is a HUGE commitment. It is time consuming and can feel like your lonely and left out, especially when it comes to eating out. I think that it took me 6-8 months to get the diet down completely and I have a degree in dietetics (and internship away from becoming a registered dietitian). I still have slip-ups and get sick for days.
  2. Extreme Pizza Kitchen in Fargo has a good gluten-free crust and it doesn't taste like rice flour! Most of their toppings are gluten free. This place has a TON of toppings and combinations. They have 7 different sauces and 6 of them are gluten-free. I am VERY sensitive and have never had a reaction there! Great service and Great Pizza!!!
  3. Before I was gluten-free I was highly irritable. I believe it took about a month for this to clear up. I think mostly stemmed from not feeling well.
  4. I was tested last september and my results came back negative but still questionable for Celiac's. The tests were drawn after my being sick for several days and not eating hardly a thing! Which I now know can affect the results. My Doctor suggested the needle biopsy, but like you, I did not want to have that kind of procedure. Now, I live my life as a Celiac and haven't had any symptoms since being gluten free. While, the test is a good idea, for me it wasn't necessary. I knew within the first week of being gluten free what my problems were stemming from.
  5. I would get your son tested as soon as you can if your results are positive. Celiac's has is related to genetics. I am getting married later this year, and my future husband and I agreed to have our children tested as soon as possible. I wouldn't want them to suffer like I did for 22 years! When I was 2 I had the same symptoms as your son but went undiagnosed until Feb.
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