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  1. Hi I'm a newbie to celiac. I have been hypothyroid for 25 years and was on syncrap for 23 years. Switched to Armour and now I'm on straight Cytomel=T3. I also have high cortisol with is adrenal insufficiencies. I am on Seriphos to bring my cortisol down. I have to disagree with some of the information posted regarding the treatment of adrenal/thyroid and testing. www.stopthethyroidmadness.com, as mentioned, is an excellent web site for thyroid adrenal info and so are www.realthyroidhelp.com and there is an adrenal group and natural thyroid group on yahoo as well. Hyperthyroid and hypothyroid symptoms mimic each other so it's difficult to tell the difference without proper testing.
  2. Hi I started gluten free yesterday also and had the exact same symptoms. And I'm still having the heart palpitations and foggy mind today. No energy. I'd also like to say hello to all the members, I'm a newbie Jill
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