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  1. I found out why I react to wines, balsamic vinegars (which are made from wine) and coffee. They are all de-acidified by pouring over gluten and casein proteins! In Europe, they are having the makers of products which use food allergens in their processing to put a notice on those products. Here in the good ol' USA the FDA (which is run by industry personnel) is working for the manufacturer rather than the consumers, is fighting that restriction the same way they outlawed hormone free milk producers from being able to put that on their labels. Folks, we ran a huge petition drive against the FDA to the point it ended up in court and we won. Dairy farmers can now label their hormone free milk as such. The FDA is not our friend. We need to write to every one of our Congressional people to get the same law passed here in the USA. Also gliaden proteins in rice and other non-gluten seeds and grains may make people react. Grains, according to the book "Dangerous Grains" by Braly and Hoggan (my bible) simply are not primate foods. Fresh veggies, fruits and meats are all digestable for us. But the hard grains are only fully digested by birds and ruminants. When I follow the "Chimpanzee Diet" as my hubby and I call it, I am 100% symptom free. I am now 51 years old and no longer show signs of type 2 diabetes(was a skinny diabetic since age 15), migraines, MS symptoms(that I had had since college), fibromyalgia, restless leg, mitral valve prolapse. FREE AT LAST!
  2. I have just found out, from a wine labeling company no less, that red wines, some teas and coffee are de-acidified by rinsing them over and over with ....... gluten and/or milk proteins! GEEZ! No wonder I was having problems with "100% Coffee." The article went on to say tha the European Union is going to enforce that if a product uses allergens in its processing it must be on the label. Here in the USA where Cool Whip can label their casein filled product "Dairy Free" I am not holding my breath that our labeling laws will improve. In the mean time I am avoiding the above products, and now the itchy, cramping, painful abdominal sensations gone. I have read in other gluten free books that caffiene stimulates the frayed nerves left over from the gluten intollerance neuropathies, so they say to avoid any and all caffiene drinks. I use jiaogulan tea as a waker-upper as it opens up blood vessels aiding in the get up and go and brain-fog clearing in the AM. It also lowers blood presure!
  3. Kevin, As a biologist with both casein and gluten allergies, I understand why the two go hand in hand. The amino acid sequence of both proteins are so simular that when your antibodies are geared to attack one of the proteins, it will also attack the other. The best book that has become my bible is Dangerous Grains, by Dr. Braly and Hoggan, both celiac sufferers. It explains so much and has made my gut pain free now. Not only that my type 2 diabetes and MS symptoms, and migraines are gone! I have always been a 6 foot thin Dane who never smoked, remained fit and could not figure out why my body was falling apart. Then when I was diagnosed with gluten intollerance after another scary heart arythmia ER trip, my life changed. The best way to be gluten/casein free is to buy oriental cook books and have great stir frys over wild rice or rice noodles, being careful that you use gluten free soy sauce. Heck! We can even make lasagne using rice noodles and baby white lima bean hummus as a replacement cheese! Which even goes well on pizza! It can be done!
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