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  1. I had my endoscopy done this morning. Here are the findings....can someone help me with them? The examined esophagus was normal. A large hiatus hernia was found. the proximal extent of the gastric folds (end of tubular esophagus) was 32 cm from the incisors. the hiatal narrowing was 37 cm from the incisors. the Z-line was 32 cm from the incisors. Localized moderately erythematous mucosa with no bleeding was found in the gastric antrum. Biopsies were taken with a cold forceps for histology. The examined doudenum was normal. Biopsies were taken with a cold forceps for evaluation of celiac disease. He told me test results will be back in about a week. Anyone have any ideas? They were also going to do a pill cam but didn't as my blood work came back normal....He knew I had a large hiatal hernia. I know they want to see if I have celiac's...blood test for that came back negative.
  2. I am scheduled for capsule endoscopy next month...I was wondering how easy it is to swallow the capsule...
  3. I have had the Celiac panel done about two months ago and it was negative. Dr thinks I still have a good chance of being diagnosed with Celiac's. I am scheduled for capsule endoscopy and upper endoscopy early in Dec. I have undiagnosed anemia. My RBC was a 6. Now on iron and had transfusion. I have a new symptom I have noticed lately... The joints on my left hand (pinky finger, joint closest two fingernail) is swollen and sore. Index finger on right hand is the same. Pain/ache in right hip, but today is in both hips. Anyone else have this happen?
  4. A couple months ago I was hospitalized with severe anemia. I had a RBC count of 6. I was given 4 bags of blood in a transfusion. They have found no cause for the anemia. They first thought it may be celiac's and ran the blood test....came out negative. Sent to a gastrologist....he says all my blood work was very similar to a patient he had that had celiac's. Going to do upper endoscopy and capsule endoscopy on Dec 9. I was supposed to have had this done Oct 30 but ended up back in the hospital that week due to a kidney infection....which I swear I got from being hooked up to a catheter while I was being treated for anemia. While I was in the hospital for the kidney infection my blood count went down again...My Dr thinks this is because I was so dehydrated when I was admitted that they gave me tons of saline and probably flooded my system and flushed out the iron. I'm hoping for a diagnosis soon!!!
  5. I do know that my 8 yr old grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes this spring and also is suffering from ADD. They will run the Celiac panel on him yearly but was negative this spring.
  6. I was diagnosed with severe anemia a month ago. It was so bad I was immediately sent to the ER and admitted. They had to give me 4 units of blood. I had restless leg before the transfusion but have not had it since. They gave me the Celiac panel and it came out negative...The CT scan shows a very large hiatal hernia...undergoing capsule and upper endoscopy to try and confirm if I have Celiac's or not.
  7. The specialist told me when I met him last week that he would do the following in order...CT scan to check for any problems before doing a capsule endoscopy. Followed by upper endoscopy with biopsy. His nurse called me today to set up appointment for endoscopy.....still not sure if it was the capsule or regular endoscopy....She is sending me paperwork in the mail...Had a bad cell phone connection so I will know more when paperwork comes in.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I just received a call from the Gasterologist' nurse and I am scheduled to undergo endoscopy with biopsy on October 30. Apparently the CT scan was good. Now I have another month before I find out anything. How much gluten should I be eating before this biopsy?
  9. Hi everyone. About three weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with severe anemia. They have not found a cause as of today. About 2 weeks ago my doctor did the Celiac panel blood test but came back negative. Referred to Gastrointerologist last week. Thinks Celiac's is still a posibility even with negative blood test. Ordered a CT scan which I had done last week. No results yet. He did the CT to make sure I had no blockages in small intestine so he could perform the camera endoscopy next. Will be doing endoscopy with biopsy after that. While I was in the hospital they did a upper and lower endoscopy. Only found Reflux and hiatal hernia in the upper. (This Dr. failed to do a biopsy). Symptoms include constipation, anemia, leg creepy crawlies ( felt like ants crawling under your skin in lower legs, This has gone away after I was given 4 units of blood in hospital). tiredness and joint pain occassionally. My grandson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this year. Brother and aunt have MS. My mom said her mom always complained of stomach problems but doctors never found anything. I am of Swedish/ European descent. I work in a clinic and the ARNP in Oncology/hematology has looked at my blood work and insists that I have Celiac's. Just by my blood counts and symptoms. I remember getting hit with a nasty flu like virus around April...maybe this could have been the trigger??? What are my chances of being diagnosed with the biopsy?
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