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  1. Wow - thank so much for the great info! I look forward to trying it all out! Hy-Vee has been great also - they even...
  2. Hi everyone I am a couple of weeks into the gluten-free diet for my kiddo and was thinking about venturing back into...
  3. Just an update...the rear-end explosions were from the iron supplements. It just hit me all of a sudden that the supplement...
  4. Wow, thank you all so much for the advice. I made him a sweet potato last night for dinner and mashed it up with brown...
  5. I say forget the doctors and do what is right for your kid. It sounds like she has really had a positive reaction to...
  6. It does sound like some sort of intolerance to something in her diet. My son (3) was diagnosed a few days ago as well...
  7. OMG. I am so overwhelmed. What CAN I give this kid? I am in tears now - I don't know what I can give him to make this...
  8. Thanks for the tips! He has really exploded lately. And I mean in the bottom area. Could it be the new types of flours...
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! It really feels good to know that there is a network of others out there who understand...
  10. Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am mom to 2 kids, ages 10 and 3. My oldest, girl, has ADHD and is otherwise...
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