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  1. lillysmama08

    Childrens Birthday Cakes

    Betty Crocker makes a great gluten free cake mix. I make it all the time for everyone and you can hardle tell the difference...
  2. lillysmama08

    Children's Tylenol

    Yes it is
  3. I am not in the metro Detroit area but I would love to answer any questions you have.
  4. lillysmama08

    16 Month Old Daughter

    You poor thing!! This sounds horrible, but you are right do not take her off gluten untill she has been tested. Gluten...
  5. lillysmama08

    Daughter May Have Celiac?

    Yes they would do a blood draw. My daughter was a little over a year for her first blood draw and then she had the scope...
  6. lillysmama08

    Need Advice On Annual Biopsies For Toddler

    no, no, no, that is not routine. My daughter had the one biopsy and that was it. She has her blood checked annually but...
  7. lillysmama08

    Need Advice On Sick 2 Yr Old, Ttg Positive

    I would do the gluten free diet! Good Luck!!
  8. lillysmama08

    Is The Biopsy Completely Necessary After A Positive Blood Test?

    Our 2 year old has celiac and our specialist said that a biopsy is the only way to make a 100% dignosis. The biopsy wasn...
  9. lillysmama08

    Potty Issues

    Sorry to hear about this problem. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she has no problems getting to the bathroom even when its...
  10. lillysmama08

    Accelerating Accidental Glutening

    i would call your specialist first but it doesnt sound good to me. My daughter is also two and when she gets sick its...