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  1. I can't tolerate whey protein, so I was wondering about Soy protein. These look to be completely dairy free, but soy milk seems like it should be too. But it's not is it? Thank you! http://Lame Advertisement/product/index.jsp?productId=2133646&clickid=prod_cs http://www.Lame Advertisement/store/un/isolate.html http://www.Lame Advertisement/store/opt/100soy.html http://www.Lame Advertisement/store/pl/soy.html Oh I can't post links? Well the first one is gnc and the second is bodybuilding. No advertisement here just trying to ask an honest question...
  2. Thankfully my Celiac test was negative, even though I was sure that was it. But now I'm starting to really believe it is a dairy thing. Last night I went to a restaurant and got some Alfredo pasta, about 20 minutes later the lower left part of my stomach kills, and then I got diarrhea. I noticed this same problem when I eat regular mac and cheese. So is this more likely lactose intolerance, or allergy to whey? If it could be either, how could I figure it out?
  3. Here is the ingredients from the can: Organic Chicken Stock (Water, Chicken Meat, and Natrual Juices, Salt, Cane Sugar, maltodextrin, Natural Flavor, Dried Onion, Potato Starch, Dried Garlic, Turmeric and Spice Extractives) Orgaic Carrots, Organic Potato Starch, Organic Wild Rice, Contains 2% or less of the following: Organic Onions, ORganic Clery, Organic Chicken Fat, ORganic SPice, Organic Paprika, Organic Turmeric.
  4. Does anybody else know anything about this? I bought some today and have really looked over the ingredients, and the only thing i can find that could possibly contain gluten is Natural Flavors? It looks good I really want to try it, but am obviously scared after reading this.
  5. I feel like I wouldn't care nearly as much about the disease if I was in a big city with many options for food around. As it is I'm two hours away from any real eat out food that's gluten free. Are there any states, or more particular cities which provide the most options for us? I graduate college in 2 years, and this could definitely be a big factor as to where to move if there is one key city out there.
  6. Oh god I feel all of you guys pain. I have 5 roommates and a couple of them constantly question me on why I need my own pan to cook in, and how bad it can possibly be. Then they'll make fun of what I can and can't eat. Like I chose to be this way. Ugh.
  7. Oh boy...what types of these are NOT safe?
  8. crayola

    Spring Break

    Well spring break is coming up, and I'll be gone to Florida for 7 days. I made sure to get us a room with a microwave and fridge, but I feel like this is going to be hard to find stuff to eat the whole time. The fridge is a mini fridge, and will probably be taken up by alcohol most of the time. Any suggestions? So far all I have is the Dinty Moore products...
  9. I also want to mention that I was there at about 2:30 on a Saturday, and there were a good 8 people that came and went as I was there. I figured at such a restaurant it was very possible I would be the only one there at the time I went. Sooooo Happy to see them doing good business, hopefully they keep it up!
  10. Went to GFCucinas last weekend, GREAT food. Had a big plate of Chicken Wings with home made fries, for 10 bucks. Took home Pizza and Lasagna which were great too. I'm about 2 hours north of Sterling Heights, but it was well worth the trip and I will be going back. Anybody within a 2 hour Radius of the Detroit area should make the trip, you won't regret it. A+++
  11. Ok, heres the ingredient list, nothing is jumping out at me, and it could be my very worst fear at this point, that im allergic to Milk too. Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix from Meijer Meijer Pizza Sauce Canned Mushrooms Hormel Pepporoni Kraft Mozzerella Cheese My mom made it for me, but I have made her aware of cross contimination so I really don't think it's that. Do any of these look suspicious to anybody? I'm going to the doctor thursday after having stomach problems from Nesquick, so it could possibly be milk products/cheese, but I REALLY hope not.
  12. crayola

    Restarants Just For Celiacs?

    Wow thanks a lot! I'm from Michigan!
  13. Are there any restaurants in the US that have ONLY gluten free items? Im sitting here watching the travel channel, kind of getting depressed as they show the best Pizza and Hot Dogs in the world.
  14. I'm going to resurrect this thread because I'd like to know the answer.
  15. I've been drinking a lot of Canada House Whiskey, which is a really cheap brand, and I haven't had much problem. However this morning I woke up, and felt like I had consumed a little gluten. Now I was drinking out of a couple other peoples cups, so it could have been that. But does anybody know if all whiskey...more specifically Canada House is gluten free?