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  1. Every time I take magnesium in ANY form, I get extremely constipated.. like things are too soft in there.. sorry tmi. Anyone else experience this??
  2. Here are my issues.. I have many reactions to foods/especially fat and carbohydrates. I have horrid stomach bloating, alternating C&D, my weight fluctuates a lot. And all my issues are on the lower right quadrant. Whenever I eat certain...
  3. thank you very much for the explanation
  4. I received this result but no explanation. Input? IgA blood 272 (78-391) what does that even mean?? I called the dr 3xs in the course of 2weeks and still no response. thanks
  5. I rarely ever eat fruit and very little veggies. I have a very difficult time with starches as well. However, in my case, fructose and sucrose cause major constipation. I will go days without a BM when I ingest them.
  6. Can you have nuts or nut butter? If you are not allergic, that works well. Protein Powder (again, if you have no dairy issues) Cottage cheese, shredded coconut, hard boiled eggs, veggies/hummus, avocado, banana/nut butter, make your own...
  7. First off, your doctor was a jerk for laughing at you. I am not the super sensitive type, but nonetheless, that was uncalled for. I know most people with celiac have diarrhea, I had extreme constipation. Also, you have graves, typically...
  8. Hello and welcome. You could have def. had a false negative. If you feel wheat/gluten is the problem, perhaps you could avoid it entirely without an official diagnosis? Or, maybe eating a lot of gluten products before the test? I am not...
  9. dtgirl

    Anyone In Metro-detroit?

    welcome everyone! nice to see other michiganders around. I will sometime check out these places, I live sooo far from everywhere. Livonia is like a day trip for me.
  10. So do you just avoid high histamine foods? I am looking into this. Also, do you (or anyone really) have any experience with hormones? According to my lab results, I am post-menopasual at 24.. I was at 21 actually. Amenorrhea for almost...
  11. dtgirl

    Healing Time?

    Matt, glad to hear the thyroid tests were somewhat more affordable. I hope you get to the bottom of this. I know you will, it just may take some time and work (sorry, I know you do not want to hear that, lol). Just realize you are not suffering...
  12. I've had these problems my ENTIRE life. They happen all at once.. I do not really have gas either, it is more like trapped gas, if that makes sense or "bubbles" in my stomach. When I was a baby, I could not drink apple juice, for example...
  13. GermanMia, Your diet is very similar to mine: meat, cooked/peeled zucchini, fish, some eggs, brazil nuts, avocado, oil. I do find I lose weight very quickly and had to change my training around to suit my diet. I can eat a little bit...
  14. German Mia, I have similar issues as you. Fructose is my number one offender. My BP is so low, but I do play a lot of sports so doctors always say it is a good thing. I get dizzy and light headed constantly. I went jogging last night...
  15. People always think it is in your head, especially if you are a female. My problems started at 17, I am now 24 and JUST am starting to receive diagnosis. I was confirmed a celiac and pituitary tumor 1 month ago, but still have "issues" in...