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    Healthy gluten free cooking & eating, writing, singing and hiking.
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    I am facing a slightly similar issue. I started a gluten free diet 3 months ago, as a possible way to treat my IBS which has been bad for many years. I started to feel overall better, but now am frustrated by some recurring bad GI symptoms. Now that I'm not eating gluten, I know that the blood test for antibodies won't work. I read online that there is a stool test for gluten sensitivity and the gene. Has anyone had it recommended by an MD? The one I found online was from a company called Enterolabs. It was the only site that mentions that kind of testing, so I'm not sure h
  2. That's great. I tried "Amy's Kitchen" Rice Pizza yesterday and I had an adverse reaction to it. It does say, 'manufactured in a facility that processes wheat." There must have been contamination.Is this place "Steve's Pizza" national? Are they a gluten-free facility?
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