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  1. Mine was the birth of my daughter. I bled out quite bad after the birth, she came quite fast and the OB didn't get there until 30 minutes after. I had lost a lot of blood afterwards and almost died. Also, while bf my daughter I had mastitis 3X and thrush the whole time. It was a vicious cycle. It just put my body into a tailspin. I was never the same after that.
  2. Yeah! I live two hours from stl, so this is great news for me. Now I can eat at Chipolte, Outback, PF Changs AND pizza. Life is good!
  3. So I am not the only one?? That is one thing that got really bad before I went gluten free. The two days prior and first day of, I felt like crap- total fatigue, etc. It's gettng better, but those days still suck more than others.
  4. Deb- I had seen that article yesterday. Very interesting. I am a chiropractor diagnosed celiac. Does that count? I was sick for years and I always suspected it was something I was eating. thought it was candida for along time. I did that candida diet for a month in 2004 and felt much better. however, no doctor believed me and I felt like a loon, so I started eating everything again. I got my gallbladder out in 2005 and still felt like crap. I managed (w/ some prescription meds) the fatigue, stomach pains, major sleeping issues, and brain fog. Then last fall I started getting hives and facial swelling. They couldn't figure out what was causing it all. I was told just to live w/ it. Then this spring I couldn't get rid of the hives. I was covered over 90% of my body most of the day, even while taking three different antihistamines. I went to a chiropractor/holistic doc. She suggested celiac disease. I told I had been tested 2 1/2 yeaers ago and it was negative. She ordered the bloodwork. The results were actually labelled "inconclusive" because the levels were all elevated, but not to "celiac" level. She then ordered the enterolab stool test. Then I quit gluten completely. I took that and all levels were extremely high. **Forgot to say that the ONLY reason I was had the original bloodtests is because I insisted I be tested for it. The allergist I was referred to for the testing told me I was crazy and there was NO way I had celiac disease because it was very rare and I didn't have diaherra. When he got the test results his nurse called me and said, "Nope you don't have it. Almost nobody has celiac disease, so I don't know why he tested you for it." argh! the hives are now gone after 2 months. I got a couple 3 weeks ago when I caught a virus (fever of 103, etc), but just one time. The chiro. thinks that I will probably get them when I get sick because now my body sees that as a normal autoimmune response. I still take a very small dose of allegra, but I don't think I really need it. I am just scared to have NO antihistamine in my body. My stomach feels good (except the three times I accidentally ate gluten), I now can actually sleep more than 15 minutes at a time w/ no sleep aid drugs, and fatigue/fog are slightly better. I'm waiting for the day for the fog to lift. I've had it for five years. I cannot even imagine not having it. However, I like to
  5. Yeah! If I had to rely on boxed wines I would be a sad girl Thanks!
  6. This is one place I saw that information: http://gfkitchen.server101.com/GFAlcohol.htm#Wine and I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere else, too.
  7. anyone know the answer to that? I've seen that on a few websites, but I can't find an answer to WHY. Thanks!
  8. I'm wondering if I got glutenned by a Progresso Soup.I had the wild rice and vegetable one. It looked okay, except it had yeast extract. Now, a couple hours later I definetely feel like I've been "glutenned"...foggy, stomach pains...tired. Any ideas if that could've done it? Otherwise I have eaten nothing suspicious. (sp?)
  9. I wasn't entirely "self- diagnosed", but since I didn't get the diagnosis from a "real" doc, I feel like I'm in a similiar situation. A chiropractor I was seeing as a last ditch effort to find help led me to get stool testing done and it was VERY high. I tell people I have an auto-immune response to gluten, so I cannot have it ever again. When in a restaurant I say I have celiac disease. With my friends in the medical field I tell them I had positive test results, and I have chosen not to have an endoscopy and to go gluten free anyway. That usually does it.
  10. I went to one of these on Sunday for the first time ever. It was in Creve Coeur, MO (suburb of STL). First- it was SO nice to go somewhere where there was only ONE thing (the tortillas) that I couldn't eat. It wasn't busy at all (we went on an off time) and they were VERY nice to me. The girl put on clean gloves w/out even batting an eye. It was DELICIOUS and it was so nice not to be eating something blah and bland in a restaurant again. I SO wish we had one of those here! Oh- They also gave dh his meal for free sinc eit was his first time there and it was father's day. I thought that was a very nice touch.
  11. We ate there last weekend. We were out of town and had g.c. from my parents. It went fine. I had steamed crab legs, brocolli w/ no seasoning and a baked potato w/ real butter on the side. I had no reaction and the crab legs were awesome! It was nice to go out to eat and have something I don't make at home. I get sick of plain salmon and steamed veggies. I *can* do that at home. My waitress was very nice and the manager went back and tagged my food for allergies herself. The waitress' mom actually has celiac disease, so that helped.
  12. I am Catholic. I choose to get a blessing from the priest and to just get the blood. I try to go up early, so there is less of a cc issue and I watch to make sure no one dips the host in before I get there.
  13. Hi! I'm new here. Just got diagnosed by stool test last week. Had blood testing a couple years ago, but it was negative. I was gluten free at the time of blood tests, though and numbers were "borderline". (Nobody told me I had to eat gluten!) I've had mulitple health issues over the last 5 years. I've had fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, white spots on my brain (seen by MRI) and lastly... HIVES. The hives were the final straw. I canNOT live my live covered in spots. The MDs were NO help, as usual. I was told "this happens" and "we may never know why you have hives daily". I ended up going a naturopath and she ordered my old blood tests. We discussed the borderline results and she suggested I try the enterolab stool test. It was overwhelmingly postive. The fecal fat score was over 1000! I think that shows my problem is in my gut. I've been gluten free for 6 weeks. The fatigue and fog seem slightly better. The hives were almost gone, but came back w/ a vengenance since I got my diagnosis. I think it's emotions. I've been very ANGRY that it's taken this long to get an answer and I was dismissed SO many times by SO many doctors. Luckily, I am getting closer to being at peace w/ it. Well... there's my story. I look forward to getting to know all of you
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