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Hi, gluten-free friends! I am 40, female, severely gluten-intolerant and casein-intolerant. I also have a laundry list of other health maladies, including severe allergies and asthma, GERD, muscle pain and cramps, weakness and fatigue. I suffered into my 30's before doing an elimination diet on my own, gluten first and then dairy, which improved my life greatly. It actually likely saved it! I had been misdiagnosed with MS, chronic fatigue, lupus, a heart blockage and various other ailments. I also had chronic shingles and mouth ulcers, leading them to repeatedly test me for AIDS. After confirming with doctors and various tests, life now goes on, and relatively med-free. Each day is a learning experience and I often find I am my own best doctor. I dutifully log my symptoms, dietary changes, pollen levels, etc. daily to track things. I keep in touch with my family doctor, who turned out to be my best supporter, much more helpful than the many specialists who labeled me psychosomatic, stress-induced, etc. So, one day at a time, with great faith in God and His wisdom, I persist. I go with my gut and don't waste time with doubting docs any longer. I eat healthy and cleanly, without chemicals as much as possible, exercise and take my vitamins. And smile! A LOT! :) My goal is to help make anyone's gluten journey as easy as possible if I can, and to learn from others. I look forward to hearing from you.

  1. SunnyJ

    Green Goodness

    Has anyone out there that is gluten-intolerant tried the Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness drink? I LOVE their other beverages but have never tried this one because it says it is made with all sorts of evils..wheat grass, barley, etc. Yet, it is labeled gluten-free. I emailed them and asked how this is possible, and they responded that their suppliers harvest the grains before the gluten develops in them. Is this possible? I could swear I learned in horticulture and botany classes that it is not. I could be wrong, of course. Has anyone actually tried it and with what results? I would love to if I
  2. Tami, I forgot to mention that eliminating the gluten is a good place to start in reducing your other issues. If you are intolerant to it, gluten causes damage to your body that can lead to these other issues you have. You may see them reduce or eliminate once your diet is gluten free and your body starts to heal. If it is not a gluten issue, it won't hurt you to eliminate it, and you'll know to move on to something else. I was where you are not so long ago - very sick and very sick of everyone doubting me, and got worlds better. They were writing me a Rx for heart meds due to the irregular he
  3. Hi Tami! I'm 40, female, suffered lifelong allergies and unexplained health issues, most of the same ones you list, including chronic shingles. I endured the many tests and misdiagnoses - yes, I was also told it was psychosomatic, stress, etc. In my 30's, suspecting it was diet-related and with my doctors refusing to food allergy test me again, I started logging symptoms and food intake. Based on my own findings, I did a gluten elimination diet and felt like a new person in 48 hours. Then, about 6 months later, I also had to do dairy elimination and found I was casein-intolerant a
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