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  1. Thanks to this economy my family, as many others, have taken a big hit. I start out the month alright, but by the time the end of the month gets here, we cut to cut corners to make sure we have the means to pay the bills. In me area, which is as rural as mayberry, there is limited gluten free foods to choose from, so I mainly eat meat and fresh produce, which is the most expensive stuff in the store. We aren't eating steak at night, and I already am a coupon maniac, as well as carefully planning meals and onlt getting the bare minimum. Anyone have any other ideas? I have 3 options by months end, I either live off of gluten free chex and beans, break down and eat the cheapy pasta meals I make for the fam and feel awful, or starve. Anyone else have this problem? I am so tired of feeling like crap at the end of the month, but then I get starving...arrrhh
  2. I have celiac disease and have since I was a baby, but was recently re diagnosed with it....long story. I know it tends to run in families so my mom was tested. Starting with a severe car crash about 15 yrs ago she started to develop extreme fatigue and depression, though she was not critically injured in the crash. During this time she was under extreme stress and had a few knee surgeries from a life long of running. She was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, then about 5 yrs later RA and IBS. For the past 2 yrs she has been out of control with her diseases, and due to some nerve pain or numbness thery are watching for MS. So anyway after I was rediagnosed 6 months ago, she was tested for Celiac and came back with normal ranges, but could that have been caused by the gammet of immuno suppressing drugs she takes on a daily basis?
  3. I recently, within the past 3-4 dyas, has found out that my celiac disease has reactivated. I have two sons, the youngest who is 7 months old. I have already successfully breastfed my oldest and never had any supply issues. Since I started back on a gluten free diet my milk supply has diminished, and I know its not my son going through a growth spurt. Is it the diet I am now on or has anyone else had any problems with this? I was also put on glucophage to aid in the wieght lodd from another condtion I have that makes me insluin resistent and hard to put off weight...is it the med? Any info would be greatly appreciated! I eat every 2-3 hours and feel stuffed all the time, could I still be under eating though?