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  1. Yes, he absolutely does rely on me to do a lot for him. That's very accurate! I also do all of the shopping and cooking, but I still think he needs to take more responsibility. We've discussed it but I haven't pushed the issue since the diagnosis was so recent. Maybe it's time to have a more serious discussion.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new. DH was diagnosed with celiac disease about a month ago and since going on a gluten-free diet has done very well. He has not gotten sick once since then, which is such a huge improvement! I'm grateful that we've finally figured out what the problem is. My concern is that he's not taking responsibility of managing this disease. For example, we bought two books, and who read them both? Me. He hasn't even looked at either of them. He still doesn't really know which foods are gluten-free and which aren't and will often ask me "can I eat this?" When we go out to eat he absolutely refuses to ask for a gluten-free menu or tell the server he has celiac disease. He'll look up gluten-free menus online ahead of time (if I remind him) to see what he can order but that's about it. The only thing he's done is research and buy gluten-free beer. I have no problem helping him, but I don't think I should be fully responsible for managing this. He needs to take some responsibility. Is this type of thing common? I didn't know if it was a form of denial, or what. I know it has to be a huge adjustment. Thanks for any advice.