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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions! As long as I know I can still season my food with gluten free seasonings, I'm good. I do a lot of cooking anyway so I know how to play with the spices. I just didn't want to be eating baked chicken with nothing but salt and pepper on it. My only problem will be the eggs. I can eat them, but I already have high cholesterol so I have to be careful. Maybe I'll just boil them and only eat the whites sometimes. Any suggestions for something to "dip" the raw veggies into? I don't mind bringing them for my on the go meals, but I really don't like raw vegetables without ranch or something. Should I start feeling at least somewhat better after a couple of weeks? I don't mind doing the diet for a month or so. My issue is I have had my symptoms (headaches) for almost 2 years now, and I don't want to "waste" time continuing the diet if it is not going to help. I just don't know how long to continue trying this without giving up and saying this isn't working for me either. Thanks again for everyone's help!
  2. I've seen several recommendations on here to do a very simple meat, veggies, and fruit diet. I looked for a post that better described what you can have, but didn't see anything so sorry if I'm repeating a question. I've been gluten free for two weeks now with no results (in fact, was feeling worse for the first week). I'm thinking about trying to do the clean eating for a while. What exactly can I have on this diet? I know the obvious - meats, veggies, fruits, but what about seasonings? Are there any salad dressings I can have? If not, can I do balsamic vinegar/olive oil? Should I cut out eggs and dairy too? Also, I would love some recommendations for meals. I am a big breakfast eater, and I need something quick I can do in the morning (are grits ok? I'm thinking no, but that would be easy if I could). I drive all day for work and eat lunch in my car so I need something for lunch that I can just grab and eat as I'm going (and I don't stop for lunch so nothing that requires utensils). I've done grapes with my sandwiches before so I can bring that, but no idea what else to bring. Dinners should be easy, just need to know what seasonings I can use. Finally, how long should I do the clean eating? I know everyone is different, but since I've had no results so far, I don't want to just keep doing both of these indefinitely! Thanks for any advice!
  3. I do have a B12 deficiency, and my latest neurologist has put me on a daily sublingual B12. Prior to my headache beginning, I very rarely took any type of pain medicine (or any other type of medication). Since the problem started, I've been on and off different medications, and several times have been off of any meds for a month or more, including any over the counter meds (they don't help anyway). So I don't think I'm having any reaction to medication. As for the neck issues, the neurologist has checked my neck and hasn't seen any problems there either. I guess eating clean for a while will be the way to go. It will be a little difficult for me due to my work, but I'll figure it out. Thanks again for the advice!
  4. I've been having an ongoing headache since October of 07 (has never gone away). I've seen several doctors, including 3 neurologists, who cannot figure out what is wrong with me. My other symptoms are nausea and fatigue. I've had numerous tests (MRI, CT scan, EEG, bloodwork, etc) with everything always normal, and have been on numerous medications with no relief on any of them. I recently read some things that made me think my headaches could be linked to celiac/gluten intolerance. I had the blood test done for celiac, and it was negative. I decided to give the gluten free diet a try anyway. I started the gluten free diet on Monday (6/30), and my headaches and fatigue have been worse all week. The headache was a little worse Monday afternoon/night, really bad Tuesday and Wednesday, then a little better from Thursday through today (but still worse than normal). No matter how much sleep I've gotten all week, I'm completely exhausted all the time. I was fatigued before, but not to this extent. Also, I seem to be hungry all the time. I'll eat a meal and be hungry again an hour or so later. If it helps, this is my normal diet before beginning the gluten free diet, then what I've been eating this week. Before: cheerios and a banana for breakfast, sandwich and wheat thins/chips for lunch, and usually some type of meat and veggies for dinner (like fish and a salad or something)/pasta about 1-2x/week. This week: chex and a banana for breakfast, sandwich (on gluten free bread with gluten free lunchmeat) and gluten free chips for lunch, and dinners about the same as before (with gluten free pasta the one time I had pasta). I have not eaten out all week, except once at a local gluten free deli, to ensure that I'm not getting any contaminants. I've read a few posts about gluten withdrawal, but shouldn't it be getting better after a week? Any ideas? Thanks!