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  1. I've met a few people who have a sensitivity to Xantham Gum, which is in most gluten-free baked goods. If you've switched to gluten-free products such as breads, cookies and the like, you might be sensitive to it.
  2. A few months back I was suffering wild mood swings. I went to the endocrinologist (at the request of family, friends and coworkers) for the usual PCOS panel... not only had my rapidly shrinking DHEA sulfate levels barely budged, I hadn't gotten my period in 10 months... She looked at me like I'm crazy and told me to go to my GP for anti-depressants. I got in my car and began sobbing. There is no reason, at 25 years of age working out regularly and eating healthy I should be SO BROKEN. So I went home and did the math and realized the healthiest I've ever been was when I had consistently gone without wheat for several weeks last summer. I lost weight, felt great, and was happier than ever. Since then, I've kept little to none in my diet and am starting to feel better. My mood is back to the normal optimistic and driven standard. I even formed a support group for people in my area of town. Truth be told, I think it is the cause of the PCOS. So... I recommend skipping the anti-Ds and going straight for the gluten-free diet but I'm not a doctor so take the recommendation as you like. Good luck!! Shauna
  3. Fran, Have you tried increasing the amount of yogurt or probiotics? They are supposed to help with digestion and with immunity. Shauna
  4. I dream about pancakes... butter- and syrup- soaked pancakes. Not just eating them... but making them on the skillet. I relish the entire process. Luckily, you can learn to make your favorite treats using gluten-free flours or *hopefully* find a gluten-free bakery in your area. I'm excited to make these. No guilt... except for those pesky calories. Shauna @glutenfreeinaz
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