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  1. joyceelaine

    Omg! How Sensitive To Gluten Can One Be?

    Ang1eo251- At this point I'm trying to do it 100%. Took my list of yeses and nos to the store, and also checked out the...
  2. Thanks everyone, your answers were extremely helpful! Fiddlefaddle- Thanks for clearing that up about the endoscopy...
  3. Thank you both for your replies. I have in fact started a gluten-free diet as of yesterday's posting but I don't know...
  4. joyceelaine

    Omg! How Sensitive To Gluten Can One Be?

    Oh sorry, I didn't explain myself. I think I may have celiac disease. I just finished a bottle of digestive enzymes hoping...
  5. I haven't been diagnosed with celiac disease but i just started a gluten-free diet last night, or should I say, tried...
  6. Please help, I was tested 4 years ago for celiac and the results were negative, doctor said it was ibs which I've had...