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Over the years I have had various GI symptoms that progressively got worse as I aged. At 46 I was having the big D about 90% of the time. I went to the Dr. and she said it was IBS and that she believes that IBS usually has an underlying trigger or cause. She suggested going gluten free. I cut out breads and pasta for a few days with no luck. So I tried cutting out milk, no luck. I tried align, activs, etc., no luck. I went back to the Dr. and she told me more about Gluten and there is more to it than cutting bread and pasta. I then cut gluten and after 3 days I felt much better. No more stomach cramps, no more explosive D and (oddly) I felt more energy. After being gluten-free for about a month I noticed that I have D about once a week but it is usually after eating questionable food. After researching more about gluten intolerance I realized that it may be the cause of other problems that I have.

Since I was a kid I have had various flare-ups of Psoriasis

In 2002 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Anxiety attacks since age 18

Since 2006 I have had 3 bones fractures in my feet and I have lots of bone/joint pain

Lypoma's keep appearing (Does anyone else have this ?)

  1. My blood pressure is high in the morning (150/90) and lower in the evening (135/80). I was taking Toprol XL for awhile but it really made no difference. When I quit taking Toprol some of my GI symptoms went away (I wonder if it contained gluten). I have been gluten-free for about a month and there...