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  1. A month ago I showed a test result of 71 H with a Reference Range of >10 being positive. Is this as incredibly high and damaging as it leads me to believe and now that I am cutting gluten out of my diet, will a repeat of this blood work show improved results or does this merely show my susceptibility to gluten.
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    Gluten And Vitamins

    Thanks Jillian and I hope my tone/comment was not taken to be disrespectful to other forum readers.
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    Gluten And Vitamins

    I have yet to speak to a doctor about how absolutely paranoid I have to be. If something, like a vitamin, has a minor trace of gluten and it is a miniscule portion of my daily intake, will I have problems. Or, as I hope it is, these traces are inconsequential and the important thing is to ensure you do not consume gluten at any significant level (IE bread, pasta, ingredient listed on a label). Bottom Line: Can I eat something that has no gluten in the ingredients or do I really need to be concerned about it being made in "a facility in which wheat products are produced"? Are their varying levels of intolerance and do test results or just trial and error show this?
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    Gluten And Vitamins

    I called Centrum's hotline yesterday and was told that although they do not have gluten as an ingredient to their vitamin, they cannot vouch for where their ingredients have been. They are initiating a review process or application process to attain a certification that their product is gluten free. I asked if that would be a new or existing product and they explained that it was the existing Centrum product certification that was being sought. Any suggestions on reasonably-priced multivitamins?
  5. Great info and thank you all for posting the question and responses. I have been recently diagnosed with Celiacs and hoped to connect with others in the community to learn from their experiences. Can anyone point me in the direction of a local group or some other way to learn more?
  6. Will there be any future meetings? I have just been diagnosed and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with others and learn from their experiences.