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  1. Hi, yes it was actually ultrasound not x-ray , sorry with the confusion. In regards to the pancreatitis firstly. I was told that this was something very minor on my end. Namely that the issue was such a problem with the gallbladder that it might have radiated to the pancreas as well. My symptoms in terms of it are a dull ache that I must say is minor. I would not be shocked to discover these are cysts though as the tax on the digestive organs is pretty severe it seems. My pain with regards to the two organs is never severe but it is dull and in your face quickly. I am mostly interested in seeing these digestive organs return to normal function which I would expect is the outcome. As far as what I am taking to deal with the gallbladder in particular. 1. Allochol - Allochol works as a bile-expelling agent decreases the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestines. It improves the secretion functions of the liver cells, and the motor activity of the digestive tract organs. Use in cases of chronic reactive hepatitis, inflammation of the bile duct, gallbladder, indigestion in the bile tracts, and constipation. 2. Hepatophytum Pharmacodynamics. GEPATOFIT has a hepatoprotective action, improves the antitoxic function of the liver, increases bile secretion, has holespazmoliticheskim action (reducing the tone of the gallbladder and bile ducts) increases the concentration of bile acids and reduces the concentration of cholesterol, thereby changing the cholate-cholesterol ratio. Has a moderate hypoglycemic effect. contains the flowers of immortelle 12 grams of sand, grass Galegov 10 g drug, pot marigold flower 11 g, 10 g of nettle leaves, dandelion roots 12 g, thistle fruit 10 g, stacks of corn with stigmas 11 g, sashes 12 grams of beans, 12 grams of hips; --- Unfortunetly because of where I am located the above options will certainly be unavailable at worse, quite differently named at best. Hopefully it is still of some use because as of 2 days with them I am feeling a great sense of betterment. oh and I wouldn't call those 2 herbal remedies random either
  2. Okay well the article you referenced @ http://www.celiac.com/articles/119/1/Gall-...ggan/Page1.html It is very good and does confirm my thoughts. Particularly: makes me really eager to know when if ever cck production will return to normal. It seems to me that this is the issue I have in full. I'd like the damn thing to stay inside me where it belongs and to continue intake/outake as it should normally. Anyone know when CCK (cholecystokinin) the hormone responsible for gall bladder contraction, returns to doing it's damn job? Thank you.
  3. I had not and will do so, thank you.
  4. Hello Please to do not fear providing me a technical reply. I'd prefer it actually I'm 25 year old male with celiac disease. After months of religious diet work, I feel about 90% better. I am still quite tired some days and bloated, however that is about it. My recent x-rays show me more detail and I'm also afflicted with what I'm told is chronic pancreatitis and chronic cholecystitis. I would like to know the prevalence of both in regards to manifestation of celiac. Specifically in regards to someone with a genetic predisposition to diabetes, gallbladder issues, and celiac in particular. Further more I am finding much relief in herbal remedies that are specifically for these ailments. They work well however the problem resumes in full force if I stop taking them. I think I am just looking to see how commonplace this associated set of problems is with celiac. Maybe someone has encounter a similar situation and seen it remedy itself in time. Would be nice to know. I thank you all for your time in reading my medical outline here.