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Busy mom with active family and office manager for a busy chiropractic office diagnosed with RA in Feb 2008, at age 36. My symptoms began at 35 shortly after both of my children had been home sick with fevers. Since my family history does not include Rheumatoid Arthritis the conclusion is it was aquired through the viral infection that worked through my family that November 2007. After a year of handling my disease the traditional western medicine way and getting worse week by week, I stopped taking my medications and searched for a 2nd and then a 3rd opinion to help me.

In March of 2009 with encouragement from my new found osteopath, Dr. Roy, I began a three week detox and began an elimintaion diet. Within a couple weeks we eliminated dairy, followed by gluten in June and a month later, soy. I was not quite "getting it", I decided to read the book "gluten-free Diet" by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I got a lot of information, found where I was making mistakes looked into serious changes and settled into a true casien free gluten free diet. Together Dr. Roy and I are battling my RA with wonderful results. My pain is about 75-80% better. On occasion I have realy great days where I almost feel like my old self. It depends on the day and how much I put myself through and whether I allow proper recovery. Being with RA I need increased amounts of rest for recovery though it is not always possible with our family dynamics and my work load.

I joined celiac.com because the information here is priceless. I am greatful to be gluten free, casien free, soy free, and virtually pain free while staying prescription free!

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