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  1. I agree - it is going to be hard to tell. My daughter had to be dairy free for almost 2 years due to serve ulcers that would make her vomit uncontrollably. Once she started treatment, I asked that dr. if she gets sick how in the world am I to know if it from the uclers or the stomach flu or something she ate. He said, that I would just have to chart what was happening and how long it lasted. If you daughter gets head-aches and feels terrible with ear infections then I would probably say that is the cause. If she normally doesn't than I would say it was the gluten. There are so many viruses going around, she might have a couple of things happening at the same time. Good luck - I hope she gets better fast from what ever it is. Susan
  2. I am new to this also - welcome As for Traders Joe's, I was very disappointed. I went last week, picked up a few things that we labeled (at the store) gluten free, got the home, only to find out that they were made on shared equipment. Now, those food items are just sitting in my pantry, until I can get back to the store and return them. I had much better luck at Mustard Seed (which maybe a local place). Check out http://www.glutenfreeinfo.com/Diet/S-FoodList.htm - it seems like a great list of foods that are gluten-free. Good luck! Susan
  3. This is me. My blood work came back low positive for gluten intolerance / celiacs. My biopsy showed up negative. I was off of gluten for 1 week between the blood test coming back and the appt with the GI who then told me to go back on gluten to do the biospy. Within that 1 week, I felt great - lost a ton of bloat, was going to the bathroom normally and my body achs and cracking stopped. I have now been gluten free for almost another week (since the biopsy was done) and I am having the same positive body reactions as I did last time My dr want's be to be gluten free for 1 month and he put me on Align. Then at the end of the month I am supposed to call him and let me know how I am feeling. We will then decided how to proceed. If I am feeling how I am and/or better, I will be gluten free for the rest of my life!!!! Regardless of what the Dr. says. Good luck! Susan
  4. When we had to go dairy free from my DD12 - it was everything. Whey, Caesin and all the above that you mentioned. Good luck! Susan
  5. Thanks for your advise. When I went off G when my blood tests came back I didn't have any issues. I was off of it for 1 week, lost 4 lbs, not bloat, no GI issues and even my body aches went away. I was surprise to hear to go off slowly also. I only ate G once today and not planning on eating any tomorrow. Yes, my body does not like gluten, so even if he says that I can eat it every so often, I am not planning on it. I am very excited about feeling better really really soon. I am sure I will be asking a lot of questions. Thanks again! ~Susan
  6. Okay, the withdrawal thing I understand, so I will take it slowly - I guess he is waiting to see if I came Celiac or just Wheat Intolerant. Is there a difference. Or maybe he just telling me that so I would have some hope of eating pizza again. I guess he fells that there is something or he wouldn't be telling me to work my way off of gluten. All I know is I feel so much better (at least for that week) when I was off of gluten. How do I find out about lipstick, tooth paste and other items (if they have gluten in them)? Thanks for the information. Susan
  7. Hello! I had my endoscopy this morning and am now on a gulten free diet. The Dr wants me to go off of gulten slowly (have you ever heard of this), I did a cold-turkey off of gulten 3 1/2 weeks ago, and I felt wonderful. That was after I got my blood tests back and they showed low positives for wheat intolerance / celiacs. Then my GI wanted me to be tested so I had to go back on gluten. He got a good look of my bloated belly today. Last time he saw me it was flat from not eating gluten. He took some biopsies. Once we get the test results back than he will see if I need to be 100% gluten free for the rest of my life, or if my body can handle some gluten off and on. He also said that once he gets the results then he will probably put me on a probiotic. Have any of you had to do a process like this before? Susan
  8. I totally have this. It is one of my main symptoms. For the one week I was gulten-free (before I had to go back on for my test), I totally lost my belly and was as flat as a board. Now I am huge again. My weight was done to 122 and I am 5'5". Now I am around 125 and so bloated. It is more the bloat then the weight. 125 isn't bad, but when it is bloat weight - it looks horrible. I can not wear pants, since I don't have a waist. Sweats and yoga pants have been my clothing of choice for the last month. My test is tomorrow!!!!!! Normal clothes here I come Susan
  9. I bloat up like a balloon after eating any Oriental food. I never made the connection until recently, when I started the testing process for Celiacs. I am still eating gluten and waiting for the dr to reschedule my biopsy. It can not come soon enough. It could be something that the food was made with. Good luck! Susan
  10. You sound much like me. I am going through the process of being tested. I had the blood work done and it did show signs of Celiac. So for 1 week I took my self off all gluten. HUGE improvement. Then I went to the GI and he told me to start eating gluten again for the biopsy, needless to say, I feel horrible!!! All of the symptoms are back. I am scheduled for the biopsy to be done on the 30th, but I am going to call today and see if another dr. in the practice can do it earlier. Like tomorrow! But I don't know if taking the week off and being back on gluten for 10 days will be enough to get a positive reading. Good luck! Susan
  11. Thanks - I am going to call my dr. I had my gallbladder removed 2 1/2 years ago . We thought that that was a key to all the problems - wrong. My test isn't until the 30th, but I am going to go call the dr. today. I have told my Primary Care about my back and she didn't say anything. Tylenol does help. Susan
  12. For years and years and years, I have had a tingly feeling in the middle of my upper back between my shoulder blades, and my right shoulder is always sore. It is much worse at night. I have been treated for muscle spasm's and seen a chiropractor. The only time that I totally remember it not hurting was right after by DD7 was born and I was totally intense in Yoga, Exercise and eating mostly fruits and veggies. Very little pasta, bread, etc... I am on gluten right now while prepping for my biopsy. I was off of gluten for one week (two weeks ago) and my back didn't hurt, and my nose wasn't stuffy - it is again. Sometime the pain in my shoulder goes down into my right hand, but not often. My blood tests came back low positive (30 on the IgA) and 15 out of 19 on the other Celiac Test. I am totally bloated again, from eating gulten, my stomach went totally flat the week I was off of it. I am very gassy (sorry) and have "C" again. I know that if I am not Celiac, then I have a very strong wheat intolerance. Please help me figure this all out. My dad has the same symptoms but has never been tested, my nephew does have a wheat allergy/intolerance and my DD7 shows some signs. Thanks for your help! Susan
  13. Thanks! I keep telling myself that. I went to bed last night looking like a beach whale. All my symptoms are back . This is just the pits. Susan
  14. Hello, I am new here and to the world of possible Celiac / wheat intolerance. To make it short, my story is - for the last 2 years +, I have been blotted and have a horrible time doing to the bathroom. I am very gassy and by the end of the night can bearly button my pants. I am not heavy - pre-bloat I am around 122 lbs, with bloat I can get up to 126 easily. After many years / lots of trips to the Drs., getting told it is IBS w/ constipation and a trip to the ER 3 weeks ago, I think I am finally getting somewhere. My blood test came back 15 on the Celiac test - 19 being positive and my IgA came back a 30 (low positive). After I got the results, I took myself off of wheat - I didn't expect to have to see the GI specialist. In less than 1 week, I dropped 4 lbs and actually saw my waist again . Went to the GI on Tuesday and he told me I must have a Endosopy and to start eating wheat again. My GI is thinking that I do have Celiac's but needs to see if any damage has been done. He said that there is a gray area of Celica's - it is not just yes or no - you have it or you don't. That I could have it without any damage yet . After the test we are also going to start a food reduction to see if there is/are any other foods that might be causing issues.After two days, I am bloated and have already gained 1.5 lbs. This is so horrible!!! My Endosopy is scheduled for the 30th of October - it is going to be a long month. I have started a food chart w/ how I am feeling. I am going to give this to him when I go in for the test. My dad has the same symptoms, as did my grandfather. My nephew has been diagnosed with wheat intolerance. So, something is showing up in the family. We just have to figure out what it is. Thanks for reading! Susan
  15. Hello! I am new here, but going through the same. My blood tests are pretty positive but my GI wants a biopsy anyway. Between the blood test and the appt with the GI, I took myself off of all gluten and I felt wonderful. Now I am back on it and getting more bloated by the hour Anyway - my GI told me 2-3 weeks of a heavy gulten diet will work. Especially since I reacted so fast to being off of the gluten. Good luck! Susan
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