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I learned in early May of this year that I have Celiac. What a relief!! I thought that I would never find out what was making me so sick. I was being tested for everything. One doctor said I had IBS. Another said I had Lactose Intolerance. I was being treated for Gert's Disease, Barrett's Disease and high blood pressure. The list goes on. I was ready to give up. Since going gluten free, I have nothing wrong with me anymore!!!

  1. OneBySea

    New Diagnosis

    I will be 50 years old in a few months and I just learned in May that I am Celiac. I have suffered different ailments since childhood. I wished I had learned about this years ago!
  2. OneBySea


    Hi Kalie, I have not tried any of the gluten free beers yet, but it is my understanding that all wines are gluten free. Also. all distilled liquors are safe to drink. I have found a wonderful pasta recipe that works very well with my KitchenAid pasta maker. I made crabmeat ravioli today. I would be glad to send you the recipe.
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