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  1. Thyroid gland has been completely removed... Don't think it's thyroid related.
  2. Thanks... For giving me an idea of what to expect. Hopefully, my body reacts similiarly to yours as if it's another 3-4 months the end is in sight.
  3. Hi, I was diagnosed at the end of August and have started the gluten free diet on August 18th (about 2 months on the diet). I had thyroid cancer which may or may not be related to my celiac disease other then that my worst problems have been fatigue and joint pain. Since starting the diet I have experienced a huge improvement for the fatigue but the joint pain is still be unbareable. I take a steady dose of Lodene (anti-inflamatory) help manage the pain. I love playing hockey and the continued pain is very discourageing. I'm trying to be patient and and stay positive. If you have had a similiar experience to mine, how long did it take for your joint pain to improve? Thanks, Steve
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