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  1. Hi! I am a new member of the gluten free forum and I have been feeling alone in my gluten free, dairy free lifestyle for a while. I'm also bumbed tonight because I accidentally ate some sausage that had gluten in in, and is now making me feel sick. I have been doing this for over a year and every once in a while I forget to read the ingredients and I pay the price. My stomach bloats up like a balloon and I get extremely constipated. Lately I have just been eating the same thing every day to cut back on the risk. Question for everybody.... is there any solutions after accidentally eating gluten to cut down on the pain and stomach discomfort?... I have found Gasx helps a little bit in the past but lately it doesn't seem to touch my stomach discomfort. And yes, to everyone out there wearing the pregnancy shirts I can relate. Trying to be gluten free as well as starting up yoga have been the only way my stomach has slowly deflated. My husband was always teasing me about it which was horrible ( I had to cut him down to size). But now I'm just worried that my monotonous daily eating routinue will have to continue forever more.... I would love anybody's advice or bits of knowledge