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    gluten-free Iphone App

    My husband downloaded "Is That Gluten Free?" yesterday for me, and it is great! It has a list of ingredients that are gluten-free, and the ones that are not (identified by a big red "X"), so I don't have to memorize the huge pharmaceutical list. It also has a category of items by brands, such as "Cheetos", "Skittles", or "Classico" pasta sauces. Once you find the item it also has and "i" for "more info" on that item. You can also search items by common name, such as "beer" or "cheese" for instance, and it will list those beers or cheeses that are gluten-free, and then you can shop based on the names it lists. It will be a life-saver at the grocery store. I have already used it to look at stuff I already have here on our shelves at home. Definitely worth it. All the updates are going to be free, so it is a one-time fee for the initial download.