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    Scared, Depressed, And Tired

    I'm 38 years old and have struggled with everything you have stated. And by the looks of these replies neither of us are alone. Lately I have been dealing with alot of anger and frustration and mourning foods I can no longer eat. Simple...
  2. JamieSims

    The Whole Sordid Story, Near As I Can Figure Out

    Right now I'm astounded and swearing my head off (but not on this forum). I couldn't figure out why on earth my gluten intolerance issues were lessening but my RA and and glands (or thryroids) were going bonkers. Sometimes, more like rarely...
  3. I've been reading thru some of the links here and am gratified that there's lots of support for the gluten and lactose intolerant as well as advice for the different ways to cope. Thanx to everyone for advice given: past, present and hopefully...