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    gluten-free Restaurants In Las Vegas

    Well I may have missed your trip by now but for your next visit. It all depends on where you are staying. If you are downtown one of my favorite italian restaurants is conveniently located. Its call Maggianos and its inside the fashion show mall. I have never had a problem there. I absolutely love their chicken parmesan and alfredo. They make all their sauces from scratch for you. The waiters are very knowledgable about eating gluten free. Sometimes they tell you they dont think they can do the chicken parmesean but i just tell them to ask the chef and he does it without a problem. PF Changs has a decent size gluten free menu and even has gluten free soy sauce and a chocolate desert! There are a few pizza places such as Sammy's Woodfire Pizza, Mark Richs, and a new one which is getting great reviews called the saucy tomato. There is a place that serves fish sticks, its called Lazy Joe's fish and chips. I havent tried it yet but once again great reviews. The local support group even held their meeting there. And if you get a sweet tooth there is a local bakery called Posh Cakes Bakery that has multiple options available. Finally, if you are craving some frozen yogurt, there is a place called U-Swirl. I used to work there. All the machines are labeled with the flavor and allergies. Most flavors are gluten free. When it comes to the toppings I would avoid most things except for the fruit because of cross contamination. It is all self serve so things tend to fall in the wrong buckets when people are topping their yogurt. I have also read that the mirage is very helpful. I think most MGM properties are. I know the food director at Excalibur has a son on a strict gluten free diet plus many other things. If you plan on eating at any hotels just contact the manager and they will be more than willing to help you.
  2. We have a hibachi style restaurant that I love to go to. As long as we sit where they prepare it in front of us they will use my gluten free soy sauce. It makes for a great and delicious experience
  3. Fitze082


    Well this is new to me. I ate chipotle once and absolutely hated it. I can't remember now if I got sick or not. My ex's mom loved chipotle. She told me that they used soy sauce as their secret ingredient so I have yet to go back and try it. I might give it a shot after these reviews
  4. Fitze082

    Moving Out New Issues

    Well first of all you can ask all the questions you want when you go out. They are being paid to serve you and any person should understand your situation. If they wanna be a real Jack@$$ about it then dont leave them a good tip. When it comes to your friends they will surely understand. When we go out to eat either with family or friends, where we go is based on my sister and I. No one ever complains because we are the only one with restraints. Or we pick a place that is generic and serves all types of food. Sometimes we feel bad so we will go to a pizza place with them or italian. If they want those types of food there are gluten free restaurants. Olive Garden has a gluten free menu. I dont know where you live but we have a place called Sammy's Woodfire Pizza who has a gluten free pizza. So try suggesting those places. If you feel awkward about always asking them to change the spot just be the first one to suggest a location.
  5. Fitze082

    Feeling Leftout

    I had a friend like that but she never meant it in a teasing way. She was learning what I couldnt eat and in the beginning it seemed like everything. so she used to say I was allergic to everything and its mother. Kinda weird but it made me laugh about the situation.
  6. Fitze082

    Feeling Leftout

    The brand Chebe makes and amazing pizza crust mix that is easy to make If you have a whole foods market you should definitely go there. If not, order offline. When I was first diagnosed there wasn't that much available and we had to order everything offline. A lot of it was even from canada. Get a good pasta. I love the brand tinkyada. Or try not to focus on what you cant have but what you can have. Eat simple things at home like salad or cereal. It won't be so bad to be around people eating it after a while. Its been 6 years for me now and the smell of breads makes me sick. If you make sure your friends know they tend to be understanding. Or challenge them to try eating gluten free. Oh by the way, if you ever send back a salad make sure you tell them to make it fresh or they might just pick the croutons out and send it back to you
  7. Fitze082

    Mixed Alcoholic Drinks

    When they say distilled they are referring to the hard liquor because when it it processed no gluten is left in it or something like that.
  8. Fitze082

    When Will I Get Better?

    Wow I'm sorry to hear that. I have read from people that suffered with the same type of issues as you that it took anywhere from 6 months to a year or so. It really depends on how bad your disease was before you were diagnosed. I suffered from the stomach issues so I dont have any personal issues. Just stay hopeful and stick to the diet
  9. Talk to the person in control of the dining on campus. They have become more knowledgable and cooperative. Most colleges also have nutritionists available. Maybe not a smaller ones thu. I was looking into a school in Oregon and on their site it listed gluten as one of the top allergies and who to contact about your allergies. I would check out the school's website and if that isnt helpful talk to the counselor and they can point you in the right direction
  10. When I was first diagnosed I hated the diet. I refused to believe it so I was sick a lot and missed a lot of school. Even 3 years later during my last years of high school I got sick from random cross contamination(probably should have been more careful). My teachers never understood because I never told them. I was embarassed. One of my teachers was the softball coach and I was out supporting old teammates when I ran into him. The games were for the high school team over spring break and I had missed most of the week before. So of course I got those curiously judgemental looks for being there. My mom instantly went up to talk to him because he was one of my favorite teachers and started telling him about my disease. From then on he always understood. So if you are having trouble try talking to your professors. I don't know what your college is like but the one i'm attending right now is amazing. If you are a good student then your professors will more than likely try and work with you. But if you still can't handle it because of being tired and other symptoms then take a semester off. I had to drop my first semester and now I have straight a's. Its not really about when you get school done but with what quality you get it done
  11. Fitze082

    Curious About This

    Since the weight loss is a good thing there is a decent chance that you have Celiac. Malnutrition is a symptom. Its smart of your sister to get tested since it is genetic. Even if you don't have celiac disease you may just have a gluten intolerance which is why you feel better when you avoid gluten
  12. Fitze082

    Someone To Talk To

    Hey. Well I guess my situation is extremely different from yours. I live with my mom and sister both of which have celiac disease too. But I understand when it comes to my dad. He has gotten better over the last year or so, even though i have been diagnosed for almost 6 years. He buys gluten free soy sauce and pasta but he still seems to not understand some things. Its hard when people want to go out to italian restaurants because its one of the hardest places to eat and they dont seem to understand. OR he definitely doesnt understand when i get sick from cross contamination. Are you living on campus? Food is one of my biggest fears when it comes to college. I'm at a local one right now
  13. Fitze082

    Vegetarian & Celiac

    Try ordering things offline. Tons of websites such as the gluten free mall have multiple brands. I like Pamela's bread mix. The bread is amazing to eat just with butter but I wouldn't use it for sandwiches.
  14. Fitze082

    Vegetarian & Celiac

    Do you know which brand you use? My entire family (Me, my mom and sister) have celiac disease and of course eat gluten free. We use a brand called tinkyada. Its amazing. Never had a problem with it. My mom cooks the same thing for everyone when we have people over and my friends can't even tell the difference