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  1. I am also a hairdresser in the same position. I've been using Redken color and I think it has wheat protein in it.. I e-mailed Redken and Matrix and neither one would give me a list. Their responces are on here under Cosmetic / Household Product Company Responces thread I started. I'm not sure what...
  2. hmm... this is hard to hear because I have fallen in love with the cinnamon chex, but its beginning to make sence ever since I picked up my first box at the store my tummy has been bloated on and off (I'm very tiny and this is noticeable even when it is a small bloat) but no other problems...
  3. http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ this website might be helpful. not all ingredients are 100% up to date, due to the mass amount of cosmetics there are out there. but if you search a product, a 12 font ingredient list will appear for the most part. its helpful to me, and i also like to avoid other...