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  1. MissMay

    Just Diagnosed.

    Thank you all for the wonderful encouraging words. You have no idea how much I really do appreciate the understanding. People really take the fact that they can eat anything they want for granted. Update: Every first friday of the month, my office has a lunch meeting where we have a caterer serve us. I absolutely dread this day. I used to eat the bare minimum (enough to stop the stomach from announcing to the whole office how hungry I actually was), and let everyone in the office think I was anorexic and just didn't eat. I found out yesterday that the lady who caters our luncheons has a daughter who is gluten, corn, lactose and yeast intolerant (yikes!). She made a special meal for me today at lunch: homemade chicken soup, grilled chicken breast, tossed salad with homemade italian dressing and lactose/gluten free chocolate strawberry cake! (I KNOW HEY?) I haven't had lunch on a work day in years, so I was a bit hesitant to do so today....but I did. I finished and listened for the instantaneous gurgling and discomfort...and what do you know? Nothing. Just plain old full and satisfied. I could have cried. The caterer (Janet) is going to be a wonderful resource for me. Also, when I got home my DH had cooked me some delicious veggies, pork chops with pineapple salsa, and an amazing tossed salad with homemade honey mustard dressing for supper. As I sit here typing this right now, I am happily digesting like a normal person. So, the score now sits at: Gluten Free Diet: 2, Old Diet: -503943927348372938 Miss May
  2. MissMay

    Just Diagnosed.

    Hello everyone. I have Celiac Disease. There. I said it. You'll have to forgive my denial, as I was just diagnosed yesterday. 6 long years of suffering and endless testing and it all boils down to (delicious) gluten. I am just thankful for the internet and that I have the means to reach out for support from complete strangers around the globe. I feel as though I'm in mourning right now. Looking through my fridge, I can find about 3 things that don't contain gluten or lactose (oh, did I mention I'm also lactose intolerant?). My frame of mind is not helping the situation; I keep saying to myself, "Lettuce...that's all I can eat isn't it?" I've spent about 4 hours google-ing and I know there are many options out there for me, but right now I find it all overwhelming (guar gum?). I'm from an Asian family so eating a lot of rice is no new thing for me, but we as a family LOVE to eat....all the time. My husbands family is Ukrainian, also a big fan of eating all the time. Our families don't even get along unless we are sitting at our dinner table drinking beer and dipping our bread into gluten rich sauces. I'm extremely stubborn and I thought I could beat my lactose intolerance with a positive attitude...well that didn't work. Now, I feel defeated. I'm raising my white flag and starting my gluten free diet today. I actually hit up the local health food store yesterday and dropped 70 dollars on some pasta, a bag of rice chips and salsa (ouch!). I guess I'll be spending a lot more time in my kitchen (good thing I enjoy cooking). Anyway, I just thought I would introduce myself before I bombard you all with endless questions. Please forgive my negativity at the moment: I have just googled a lot of my favorite foods and I can't believe what I'm finding. I am the only Celiac in my family, but at least I know I'm not alone. For that, I thank you. Off to my gluten free journey! Miss May