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  1. Thanks so much for the Jim and Nick's info. we have found them SO helpful locally - we eat there all the time b/c it's one place everyone likes. i've been too chicken to try the fried catfish...i should have thought to try the board first! i'm going to try it tonight. crackers and fried foods are the two craves it's hard to replace gluten free. thanks again!
  2. So sorry - i ate from the gluten free list on their site -- black beans, rice, ground beef, pico, sour cream and queso and tomatillo salsa. thank you very much. i still haven't found anyone in my local community with this issue so i am excited about finding this blog - it's less lonely.
  3. Hello -- I am only about 3 months into this new world -- it took 4 1/2 years and 8 doctors to get a dx and it has made a big difference but i ran into a problem last night when i thought i was doing right. Our family loves Moe's Southwest Grill - i have spoken to the manager, follow the gluten-free list on their site - our manager told me to bring my own chips and i do. This time I brought Santitas, which i thought were safe. I was up all night with nausea and other things i'll spare you. Does anyone know where i went wrong? thanks so much. I really don't like to cook and our family eats out a lot if anyone has other suggestions.
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