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  1. I am seeing a GI Dr. who specializes in Celiac at Beth Israel in Boston. I've had it with my Dr. looking at me like I'm just a whiner. My mother is helping me, she looked up online where I should go and I thankfully got an appt. for this Monday. A girl I know has similar problems and is seeing a GI, but I dont think the Dr. is specialized in celiac, but she told me to go on the BRAT diet when I start to get sick. I didn't realize that even such small amounts could make me this sick!!! Glad I finally am doing something about it though!!!! Soap can affect?!
  2. So hopefully someone can help me, it looks like a lot of people on here are going through the same thing I am, or have already gone through it. I am fed up with feeling like this, I've had diarrhea twice this week, my right toe has gone numb, I'm nauseous, I have that "brain fog" thing happening, I'm so tired I don't want to do anything but sleep. I don't want to eat, because I feel like crap when I do, but if I don't, I still feel like crap. I tried going gluten-free on my own with no help, things got better for awhile, but now they're going downhill fast. My insides feel like they're revolting against me. So I called Beth Israel in Boston and they have an opening this Monday. I have written down all my symptoms that I can think of (although with the brain fog it's a little difficult), I've been trying to keeps tabs on anything that happens, even if it doesn't seem related, like having my toe go numb, dizziness, short breath, stumbling, achiness in my muscles, yadda yadda, and even the obvious, nausea, diarrhea, bloated, muscle cramps, vomitting... My question to all of you who read this is, if you have been through this, could you help me? I don't know what questions I should ask the GI. Anything specific? I would really appreciate it, I'm sure you have an idea of the gratefulness I would have.
  3. I went on a gluten-free diet about 8 months ago and have been feeling great ever since. I've read up on celiac and even had my general physician take a blood test. She said the results were normal, I stupidly did not have her send me copies of the results to check for myself (and after reading posts, I feel I should have every result)! I've also recently realized that dairy makes me just as sick as gluten, so am trying to go dairy free (but I so love ice cream in 90 degree weather). I have noticed new symptoms over the past few months. My toe on my right foot has gone completely numb, with no explanation. I am very dizzy, tired, my thighs ache just walking up the stairs (mind you I am a very active person, and exercise regularly). If I stoop to pick up my neice, I get reallly dizzy, and see black and white spots in my vision. Sometimes the dizziness and spots are so bad I have to touch a wall to steady myself. I have become unsteady on my feet and very clumsy. I almost feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen to parts of my body and am wondering if this could be vitamin deficiency? The dr. I currently have is (to be nice), not very well versed in celiac or gluten intolerance. I'm not even sure I have celiac, but I need a Dr. who knows this stuff as well as anyone can. I need help. I feel much better cutting dairy, gluten, nuts, and any processed food out of my diet, but am afraid that I may also be inadvertantly cutting out necessary vitamins and minerals unknowingly. I used to take a woman's multi-vitamin but it makes me sick to my stomach (even if I take it at night). I feel like I could be on the right track with cutting out the stuff that makes me sick, but I need a Dr. who can help me and tell me what veggies and fruits and meats I should be eating to keep myself healthy. I live in Massachusetts, outside of Worcester. Someone please help, if you know a Dr. in the area that could help me, please let me know. I'm literally sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  4. I went to my regular doctor a week and a half ago and asked for the blood test, I loaded up on pasta and gluten foods just for the occassion (and felt terrible after). After the blood test I felt so sick I couldn't take it anymore, so I stopped eating gluten (as of yet i don't have the results). I have even made gluten free cookies and my whole family loved them! The only thing I am worried about is exactly what you said, not knowing and just this one time won't hurt.....which is a problem. I have been mostly gluten free, but have had terryaki chicken and i know soy sauce has gluten in it (but i love terryaki!!!!). I'm not sure I will ever know if it is celiac, and if it isn't, I am wondering if i can still have gluten once in awhile (as long as i can deal with the aftermath)?
  5. Hello, I am new to the gluten free diet. I am having problems with everything and am not even sure where to start, or if it is even celiac disease! I am a 25 year old female and have had stomach problems all my life. When I was in elementary school I would get sick at least 3 times a week, sick as in wake-up-in-the-middle-of-night-and-vomit-all-over-sick. It always seemed to happen when I ate hamburg with gravy and noodles, or hamburg with spagetti and noodles, or chinese food, or mcdonalds, or pizza. I also had terrible pains in my stomach, so my mother took me to the docotr, something was obviously wrong. The dr. said it was stress, so we went home and i stopped eating red meats, and any fatty foods of any kind, including pizza. That seemed to work, or at least it curbed my vomiting, but i continued to have horrible gas pains and other various stomach problems, which is pretty embarrassing for a 14 year old girl in high school.... I would randomly get sick from eating foods, not knowing why i was throwing up and having diarhhea all at the same time. It didn't happen as often as when I was in elementary school, but still happened often enough to bother me. I recently ate a cheese pizza that 10 other people ate, and I am the only one who got sick off of it. No red meats, nothing but cheese!!!! I woke up in the middle of the night, violently ill (i had to crawl back to bed i was so weak), and was sick for days after. I have lost 4 pounds in the last three months becaue every day I wake up and am so nauseous. I love beer, but can't drink it because it makes me feel sick instantly (more and more so lately, I can't even have a sip anymore) I eat all the time, about every 2 hours, but still lost weight somehow. My typical diet everyday was: a bowl of mini wheats or bran flakes around 8, half a sandwich bag of animal crackers around 10, ramen noodles or a wheat sandwich or soup of some sort for lunch and then spaghetti (wheat enriched) or mac n cheese or terryaki chicken for dinner. I was constantly constipated so I would eat as much fiber as I could get, and eat lots and lots of veggies. I've already tried to cut out dairy, but it hasn't helped. Also, I can eat a bowl of ice cream and basically feel fine. I would also take a "one a day" multivitamin for women because i thought that my feeling sick everyday might be a lack of vitamins, but it didn't help. My sister-in-law has MS and now thinks she may have celiac disease and when I was talking to her, her symptoms seemed to be similar to mine. Also, about 10 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS (which i believe is just a cure-all for dr.'s) So I have been trying to be as healthy as possible. The only time I don't feel sick is when I eat lean chicken with veggies. About a week ago I started to go on a gluten free diet and I feel fantastic. I also cut out my vitamins. No one I know has celiac, and my "friends" all think it's in my head. I don't know what to do anymore and I feel sick everyday, please help me!
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