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    Symptoms Unlike All Of Yours

    Thanks for all the replies, this board is great. I've talked with my doctor about it before and her faith in the tests wasn't all that high, so she really recommended that since I was already basically on a gluten free diet that I just stick to it. I think my next move is to get to a dietician and go through some testing and see if I can pinpoint something beyond gluten that is bothering me. As I said, at this point its merely an inconvience, and I'd rather deal with that than risk running serious long term health problems. The one consistent gluten containing item that has never bothered me is beer, is there any reason for that to happen? I know that when some alcohol beverages are distilled the gluten is supposed to be removed, but beer isn't distilled, correct? It should definitely have gluten in it. Yet I drink it fairly regularly without any kind of problem. Could the alcohol somehow be countering the gluten or my immune reaction to it? That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, nor have I ever heard of anything like that, but what else could it be?
  2. Three years ago, while at school, I would once or twice a week eat food, and then immediately (within 20 minutes) have to run to the washroom and suffer through a rather serious bout of diahrea. After that my stomach might hurt for half an hour or so, but I would usually have no other symptoms and feel fine. I was a varsity athlete and would even compete or practice a few hours after these. After telling my dear mother about it, she told me to track what I was eating. I did, and gluten seemed to be the obvious link, so I mostly cut it out of my diet. I say mostly because I continued to eat rye bread and beer, and things that contained small amount of wheat like soy sauce with sushi and things like that. I'd be symptom free, then, like so many others, decide after a few weeks that I could try gluten again. I was almost always ok with one gluten thing, but soon enough it would catch up to me. I've since become more vigilante, having done research into the possible long term effects of gluten. But as I read more and more of these forums, it seems like my symptoms are drastically different from everyone elses. Other people experience headaches, muscle fatigue, achy joints, all of these thing. I don't get any of that. I only have a reaction 1 out of every 10 or 20 times I eat gluten, but it's an immediate, aggressive, and short term reaction. What prompted me to write this was someone on here mentioning that this quick of a reaction couldn't be a typical gluten allergy, but more of an anaphylatic reaction (though gluten allergy could still exist below it). I am concerned about two things - 1) I am doing long term damage to myself - even though I am symptom free - by ingesting the tiny amounts of gluten that I consume regularly. 2) That I am making huge sacrifices when I don't actually have a gluten allergy. for the most part I find I eat healthier when I avoid gluten, so I don't mind that, but I also spend a lot more money that I don't have as a recent university graduate. I've also never had a reaction to certain things, like beer, which I drink probably three time a week (not binging all the time). I'd feel silly giving that up unnessecarily. Please help. Advice, comments, questions - it's all welcome.