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    No, she hasn't been tested for other allergies to foods but I have wondered about the dairy products. I didn't realize that a prepackaged gluten free food (such as the Betty Crocker mix) may cause her problems, but I probably won't buy it again until I can rule out what has made her ill. The reason she takes the Nexium is because she has esophagitis and duodenitis (sp?) that was found through an upper GI series done in Nov.'09. I like your advice about eating a bland diet. I'm sure that her gut is hurting and is a mess. I wished it was me that could have this instead of her.... Thanks for your advice:)
  2. I am relatively new to learning about Celiac disease as my daughter was diagnosed with it in Dec. 09. I have been carefully monitoring her diet and lately keeping a food journal to help rule out foods that seem to be making her sick. She currently has a lot of gas, bloating, and indigestion and has for the past 3 days. She is taking Nexium twice a day and Zantac as needed. I would like to know more about digestive enzymes. I was reading about An-Pep and wondered if this is what you were referring to? Was this something prescribed by your doctor?
  3. My daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease through bloodwork and biopsy of her small intestine. We have gone gluten free since Dec. 11th, but I'm sure that we've made mistakes along the way. I am quite puzzled by the fact that she seems to continue to have bouts of constant indigestion - a lot of deep belching, bloating, and gas even though I have been closely monitoring her diet. For example, she ate Betty Crocker gluten free chocolate chip cookies Fri. evening and started belching and becoming sick Sat. morning. I was reading about the enzyme an-pep and I was wondering if anyone else takes this? Does it work? Could it possibly be something that my daughter should be taking to help with her discomfort and indigestion? This is all new to us, and I would appreciate any information that someone could offer that's familiar with what I'm describing. We return to her GI dr. next week, and I thought that we would see more progress than this. By the way, she takes Nexium twice a day and Zantac if she needs it. I also give her probiotics - acidiphillus.