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  1. please let me know how your results come back. I'm really curious and all info might help m,e when i see my doctor again. I do have regular bowel movements again every morning but am still very bloated and dealing with gas!! thanks beksmom
  2. For some reason i have become bloated, and only able to have a bowel movement every four plus days ?? Prior to being on gluten free diet (since Dec 2009) I was the most regular human in the world, my b m were faithfully every morning. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks for any and all input, beksmom
  3. It is Saturday June12, 2010. I have been in and out of the hospital for four days with severe hives and back to back anaflactic reactions. Ive been put on high doses of prendisone, benedryl, my potassium is low so they put me on klor- con 10 mg. ive had to use an epi pen once already and theyve had to give me it twice at the hospital. Being that i have taken all wheat out of my diet can this be a new serious problem to be resolved due to airborne wheat grass. anyone please help/advise. thank you beksmom
  4. beksmom

    Airborne Wheat

    I just want to thank all my friends hee on this forum for throwing out your advice and giving me some directions to try. I love you all and will be keeping you posted as tests are done. God Bless! Beksmom
  5. beksmom

    Airborne Wheat

    That is a good point i will ask my doctor to run a panel on food allergies since i've totally changed to 100 percent gluten free maybe i am over exposing myself to an ingredient that i now am allergic to. Who Knows ? But it certainly wont hurt. If you come up with any other thoughts please let me know.. Have you ever heard of anyone with airborne issues ? Or is that a far fetched possibility? They also said they cant do skin testing for airborne allergies until this episode ends, otherwise i can stop breathing right now, its too dangerous during the flare up. Once again , thank you soooooo much for giving me some directions to go in and giving me hope, Beksmom
  6. beksmom

    Airborne Wheat

    I live in Mt Shasta, CA Its Northern California about 2hours from the Oregon border. I was thinking airborne because i have been gluten free since December and i'm thinking maybe now that i'm not ingesting wheat maybe my body doesn't have it in my system to resist it in the air??? i really don't know i'm just starting to get scared nothing has changed in my home enviroment and have not changed soaps or cleaners?
  7. My 13 yr old sons labs came back low positive but he has no symptoms should he still go on a gluten diet??
  8. I have celiac spru, PLEASE HELP. After eating a quarter of a nestle crunch ice cream bar yesterday afternoon and am still having problems tonight form it. I am VERY bloated and my intestines hurt to the point that just touching my skin hurts. Is this normal and if so how long am i to be like this? I was informed it contains barley malt, MAJOR OOOOPS ! I'm still learning. Hopefully someone can give me some comfort. Thank you
  9. I was in a health food store last week and asked if they had a gluten free section. The employee actually handed me a list of all of the products that they claimed to be gluten free. As i explored these products i discovered that 90 percent of them had printed on there ingredients that they were made in a place that also has wheat, and that they could be cross contaminated. I actually went to the store manager to inform them that they should not include these items on the gluten-free food item list that they hand out. He laughed at me and said that,that would mean they didn't carry hardly any gluten free products and took my information too lightly. It saddens me to see these type of stores with a lack of understanding pf the importance of the true definition "Gluten Free".
  10. What is cc? And was your abdomen severly tender?
  11. I want to thank you for you response. It gives me confidence that i am doing the right thing . My son has an appointment this Friday with a surgeon for consultation for the biopsies . Do you have any advice as to what i should say if he tries to say its not necessary at this time. I really feel i want to be on the safe side and not allow him to get to the stage that i"m at now. It has been a month so far on the strict diet and i'm still unable to gain a pound, they are going to re check my weight in two months, and my vitamin D is still depleated.
  12. So at what degree of being Celiac is a person considered to be disabled ? Or not ?
  13. Thank you for the advice . I will look into BVR for sure. Hopefully they can help. : )
  14. From a HR perspective I would just like to ay that I hope more and more people become aware and educated re: Celiac Disease. This is a manageable disease, however the other complications that come along because of it are not always manageable. I'm finding this to cause alot of changes in my life, my families life, and of course my working abilities. It is very frustrating to say the least. My boss is begging me to come back asap however my health hasent improved to that ability yet. I want to work but physically cant yet. I feel like im having to choose between health/and employment. Hopefully this post will open more people up to the real life challenges that are being dealt with.
  15. I am waiting for approval for medi-.cal and will for sure go to an orthopedic at that time. My primary dr. doesnt seem to be very educated on the entire Celiac disease and the Gastro seemed to be very busy but hopefully my 1 month follow up since biopsies with him will go better.
  16. I actually want and desire to go back to work. I enjoyed my job very much. I,m just a little concerned and trying to do some research. The gastro that did the biopsies said my vili's are severly damaged and are not sure but hoping being gluten free might reverse at least some of the damage. " I hope ! " And my doctor said there is no reversing bone damage and that the best they can do is at least slow down the progression. My major stress is my finances du to the fact i became a single parent 9 months ago and disability is only giving me 200. every two weeks. OUCH !!!
  17. Stacy, I apparently have been Celiac for my lifetime just constantly misdiagnosed. They removed my ovaries a yr ago saying i must have chronic ovarian pain and am on hormone replacement now. I have lost over 23 pounds, I have osteopenia in my spine, osteoporosis in my lumbar, my hips are shrinking and thinnned out. My vitamin d is depleated, I've gone through six ferritin infusions because i had a count of 7 when normal range is 100-500.And am also malnourished. I have sleeping problems due to chronic back and hip pain. I cant stand long enough to cook a decent dinner without bbeing in severe back pain for the rest of the evening. I cant sit for too long before i have to start constantly reposition my self. Please give me some advice, And I have been on reg disability for 2 months. Thank you for anything you can help with. Debbie
  18. My newest favorite quote found from a "new friend" "Life is not weathering the storm; it is learning to dance in the rain"

  19. I'm a little confused. . My gastro dr said NO Gluten,Wheat,Soy,or Barley. Are these all celiac no no's or is it just gluten. I have noticed in the gluten free mall that some of the foods contain soy in the ingredients. Please help me on these ingredients are any of them or not ?
  21. Thank you Neroli you are probably right because i don't think i'm allergic to soy so it was a reminder that some soy foods have gluten in them. Do you Know which soys have gluten, or just need to read, read, read ? ha ha Also is soybean the sameas soy? Please don't laugh but i'm just getting a little causious. Debbie
  22. My 13 yr old sons doctor told me today that his lab work came back showing celiac "mild" and that he feels he is boarderline ? Should he have the biopsies done? and should I put him the gluten-free diet no matter how those results come out? I am a newly diagnosed celiac with severe damage to my vili. I have had to get six infusions of ferritin to bring level back into a low normal range. My vitamin D is depleated, and am also malnurished. Also dealing with osteopenia. Any direction help for my son would be appreciated.