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    Weight Gain

    I was always thin built until I started becoming very ill, I went from about 105lbs to about 135 in a few months, but much of that was water bloat, my stomach was swollen. When I went gluten-free I lost much of that water bloat and slowly began to put on healthy weight. I'm still between 130lbs and 135, but its much different weight than I had before. I've been hoping to loose a bit of this weight, as I'm quite short and the weight packed on a little bit too quick for my liking, but I haven't had any luck.
  2. Thank you all *SO* much for your wonderful support and comments. I can't tell you how much it means to me. I am in the Boston area, and I've looked into the Celiac center, but I just haven't had the time to devote to it, and I just finally was hired after being unemployed for a year. I've had insurance but I still really didn't have any extra cash to go have testing done. I may in the future. My understanding of the Endoscopy was that I couldn't have one now that I've been gluten-free for about 8 months. From everything I've read the only thing I can do at this point is go back to eating gluten for 6 weeks or have the genetic testing, and at that point it doesn't even seem worth it, and thanks to your comments it makes me feel less and less like I need that piece of paper. I'd rather spend that cash splurging on gluten-free goodies! I think I do need to seek out a support group, or at least hang around here more! I've joined another group but never felt like I had anything valid to say because I was just so new to it. My significant other has been encouraging me to start a blog on my experiences but I feel like there's so many of those already. Hopefully just hanging around here will help. Thank you so very much for the warm welcome and kind words. You have no idea how much it means!
  3. First time poster here, not really sure where to start. I guess I'm looking for some support and to feel like I actually belong in the gluten-free community. I don't have any gluten-free friends, my family isn't terribly understanding (They think its a fad diet) but I do have a very supportive significant other. I've been reading these forums ever since going gluten-free in August of 2009. I think I mostly feel like I don't belong because I haven't had a positive diagnosis. Here's a bit of my story: I've always been extremely thin. I didn't reach 100lbs until I was 19 or so. In 2007 I began having severe joint pain in my knees, I had to start wearing knee braces and nothing helped. In early 2008 I began having pain in my lower left flank, it was a dull ache that was there consistently and was doing nothing but getting worse. I went to dozens of doctors and many of them felt it was reproductive related, even scheduling me for surgery to remove "growths" that may be there (no positive test result for that either). Right before that surgery I went to an amazing doctor in Boston who felt my pain was coming from my colon. Nearly 18 months after all of this I went, scared and distraught to my primary care physician. She sent me for a CT scan and dozens of blood tests, including ABS Celiac, everything came back negative, she told me to take some fiber and that she could do nothing more for me (Nice, eh?). A few months later I was talking with a friend who advised of their gluten problems and challenged me to just try it. Well, I did and I haven't eaten a bit of gluten (Intentionally) since then. I can't explain how amazing I feel. Problems I didn't know were problems are gone, Migraines I've had since I was 5 are gone, my joint pain? Gone completely. I have more energy than I've had in years. My mind is clear, my depression? Gone. I've also put on about 15 lbs (Although I don't really like that so much ). But my problem is still that I feel like no one believes me because I don't have a piece of paper. My body speaks for itself, and I truly believe that, without a doubt, I have Celiac's disease, but is anyone else out there feeling like I am? I also seem to be finding myself with quite a bit of animosity towards those that can eat gluten. My life is changed completely, and social situations are so difficult. I have so much anxiety around those that are eating gluten. I've found that I seem to be extremely sensitive to gluten. I've had a salad brought to me with a piece of bread on it, the waiter took the salad back, removed the bread and I still got ill from it. (even after asking them to remake it). Sorry this is long and rambly. I guess I'm just hoping I'm not alone out there, or crazy.