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    cooking, cluttered bookstores, the color green, running, thinking, people, yoga, super exotic teas, psychology

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Recently self-diagnosed Celiac after a year-long loss of period, continued underweight state, nutritional deficiencies, mood swings/deep depression and worsening GI symptoms. I'm hoping to get a blood test soon and may even go back on gluten to get a biopsy. The gluten-free diet has been my only relief after a year of constant pain accompanied by vain trial & error. I am super grateful that I found this cure, this community, and inspiring stories to help keep me on track. Now that I'm just starting this, I have no idea what or how to eat... I have plenty of questions, but I am excited to get connected to others who are struggling with this!

Oh, and-- I'm now a senior in high school Desperately Trying To Be Normal-- and having a difficult time, no doubt! ^_^

  1. doesn't know where to start here :P