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    So Frustrated! What Would You Do?

    I came up with a list of foods I thought were bothering me and then went to an allergist. She asked me a few questions, added a couple things to my list, and figured out I was allergic to cow's milk, eggs, celery, citrus, poultry and hazelnuts...
  2. Amanda Lynds

    Sick Of Being So Different

    I wanna say it's getting easier, but it's not. I was diagnosed with celiacs in january, and in march, found out I was allergic to dairy, eggs, all citrus, all poultry, celery, strawberries and hazelnuts. This year I went to one party. I...
  3. Senna tea leaves are awesome for relieving constipation naturally. They don't taste very good alone, but you can by them in blends like "Super Dieter's Tea" by Laci Le Beau. You can by that at wal-mart or rite aid. I brew a cup at night...