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    Movies and TV. I Love to read.
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    New Orleans La

About Me

I am 37 years old and I have suffered with stomach pains my entire life. I have been told everything from IBS to Crohn's Disease. I had my gallbladder removed with no relief of my stomach problems. Diagnosed with Celiac Disease on 1/20/10. Negative Blood test. Endoscopy to be done on 2/26/10.

My symtoms include

Stomach pain with irritable bowl

Stunted growth (I am 5")

Pustules in between my fingers


Depression (at times)

I have been Gluten free since 1/26/10 and am already feeling better.

I am married

I have 2 children and have had 2 miscarriages

My children are:

Justin 18 years old

Lisa 16 years old

I volunteer at Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO)

and I adore my time with my precious doggies.

  1. was diagnosed with Celiac disease on 1/20/10.

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