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  1. I strongly suspect I have celiac. I am a 40 year old female. Two weeks ago, I went to my GP and had a "blood test". I got a referral to a gastroenterologist. I then started a gluten-free diet. I was told today that the "blood test" was "negative". However, my digestive issues resolved within about 2-3 days of starting gluten-free and after about a week I got this incredible energy surge and feel better than I have for decades, perhaps ever. I had an upset abdomen again last night and today again and realized I screwed up the gluten-free with imitation crab. Whoops, now I know. I'd like a gastroenterologist that is very knowledgable about celiac, as I am convinced myself but with a "negative blood test". If you can't tell, I am very sceptical that the appropriate test was run and/or interpreted correctly. In any case, my digestive system has been a hot mess for years and its about time I got it straightened out. Symptoms, that have improved after two weeks of gluten-free: diarrhea (mixed with constipation), excessive foul gas, abdominal bloating//distention/pain, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, joint pain. Thank you for your help! Julie