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  1. Hawaii78

    Cross Contamination

    i-geek - I get almost the exact same symptoms as you. If I eat some wheat or gluten, I will have some small stomach pains...
  2. Why do you think the prices are so high for gluten-free foods in grocery stores? You'd think that by putting in far less...
  3. Hello! Yes...I am the same way. I am new to this as well. As a trial and error, I stayed gluten/wheat free for about...
  4. Hawaii78

    Whole Wheat / Whole Grains

    So, buckwheat pancakes (as long as its 100%) are ok? How about whey, like whey protein powders? I saw on a list that...
  5. Thanks everyone for your input, I appreciate it very much! Looks like possibly a long road ahead. I'm already sick and...
  6. Recently, I have been having some weird, sometimes scary, breathing problems related to gluten/wheat. I have been having...