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  1. Hi, I need to find some cosmetics that are free from gluten, wheat, (barley, oats, rye), soy, yeast and are vegan...
  2. Kallo, Dove's Farm, Real Foods, Kettle Chips, Barkat all state gluten free and vegan in some cases but all have cross...
  3. Hi, Has anyone ever used Herbs of Grace make up? Wrote to them and just waiting for a reply. Doesn't say its gluten-free...
  4. hi, thanks for your welcome and reply. That's great news THANKS!
  5. Hi, I've been told that the amino acids and enzymes don't transfer the gluten/wheat in an animals feed into the products...
  6. Email their Customer Services. Ask if they have gluten/wheat on site or if there are any cross contamination issues....
  7. Hi! I'm new here so I hope its okay to post this in this forum (if not sorry and please remove it to the correct one...