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    learning how to live healthy and happily with Celiacs, newly diagnosed 12-2009, surgery performed in 2002 revealed it doctor never told me. I want to make people more aware of this disease.
    I am involved in ministry.
    I am a nutritionist who knew nothing about Celiac Disease!
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  1. frustrated and bloated newbie

  2. sorry about rule broken on day 1; thanks for message...I am here to learn all I can about this new illness to me so I too can inform others...thanks for helping me as it is quite frustrating

  3. frustrated newly diagnosed celiac patient who happens to be nutritionist..I am so confused; been eating no gluten, eggs, soy or dairy since 1-1-10 and still feel bloated and uncomfortable and very emotional..is this normal? How do I train my nutrition mind to eat this way? Any help is appreciated

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