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  1. I am intersted in knowing what more you have found out Cowboy! My brother in law was diagnosed with Crohns and had surgery about 4 years ago. He still has problems. The only thing he lives on is chicken, noodles, gravy and bread! It all makes sense now. My husband has started having signs of Celiacs. He has been tested for Crohns and it came back negative. Hope your wife is doing better!!
  2. First I want to say I am so grateful that I found this board! My husband has been suffering from was diagnosed as IBS for about 7 years now. After just talking with a friend who was told she had a gluten allergy, I think this may be what my husband has too. He is starting immediately on a gluten-free diet. I am just wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with IBS and found that it is a gluten allergy? I am just finding out about this disease so any insight is greatly appreciated. Andrea
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