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  1. Hi Everybody..This is my first posting and have a lot of questions on how having the gluten-sensitivity gene actually translates into real autoimmune symptoms. I have been on the autoimmune misdiagnosis roller coaster for about 4 years now. What started as red inflamed eyes turned into hip pain, extreme joint pain, feet and hand pain, skin rashes and anxiety. I have been told I have lupus, Sjogren's, adrenal fatigue etc.. My labs show a positive ana titer and a low serum 4. But my rheumy can not come up with an actual diagnosis because my labs are constantly changing. Over the past 6 months I have become very anxious and have had bouts of severe fatigue. I decided to go see a DO in the hopes of getting some answers..any answers! I was on humira for 2.5 years until it stopped working and now I am on Remicade infusions every 6 weeks. I hate these meds, but can't function without them! This new doc believed a lot of my symptoms could be from a sensitivity to gluten so he tested me for the gene...it was positive. My question is could all or any of these symptoms really come from being positive for this gene? I do have some GI issues but they would be way down on the list of complaints. Today would be day one of the gluten-free diet and I would like to know there is some hope that this could actually help. Thanks in advance for any input, advice or experiences shared... Irisheyes
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