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  1. Hi John, Sorry to hear about your troubles! I actually attend the University of Guelph and am in the process of getting diagnosed myself. I recently saw a doctor here although she wasn't very good at listening to me and had very little knowledge of celiacs. She gave me a form for a blood test and told me to go whenever and it would cost 80$. I am actually going back to BC to see the physician I have seen me my whole life and I do know the test there is free. Unfortunately with the blood test you do need to be eating gluten again, and same for the endoscopy the GI would do. I can't see why you'd have to wait very long for a blood test, although the results will take about a week to get back. Anyways I hope this helps!!
  2. I saw a doctor yesterday to discus celiacs with, unfortunately she really did not have a clue and also was not getting what I told her. I told her I had been eating gluten-free although I know there has been some consumption of gluten. She told me based on only 2 symptoms I managed to tell her she didn't think I was Celiacs, and that my fatigue I associated with gluten should NOT get better with a gluten-free diet if it was Celiacs!!! She gave me an order for a blood test, and only told me to fast prior to it, this is AFTER the fact I told her I was eating gluten free... Anyways I'll be able to see my family physician at the end of April/beginning of May. So I decided that I would do the gluten challenge so that when I see him he can order me a blood test. So I started it last night and already as far as symptoms I've had constant smelly gas, constipation, bloating, and some mild abdominal pain. At this point I am fairly convinced that I am a Celiac. I just can't wait to get a diagnosis and some closure in my life!
  3. If she's had this since birth and she was breast fed it seems unlikely to me, but if she was on formula, and I have no idea what they put in formula, it may be a more likely possibility. Hope you figure out the cause!
  4. Thank you for your answers Wheatchef- I never mentioned at all if any my symptoms resumed or not. Currently I have been getting some cross contamination and although my constipation isn't as severe, it is certainly still around along with gas, and I do know what its like to be more consistent. Nora_n- Thank you for confirming that, and 72 weeks is a year and 20 weeks, or a year and 5 months. I think you were thinking 72 MONTHS is 6 years, or did you still just mean weeks and had a brain fart? Lol.
  5. I'm fairly convinced at this point that I have celiacs. My symptoms include constipation for as long as I can remember, mental and physical fatigue, and gas, but are not limited to. Going on a gluten free diet has helped me feel sooo much. I did have a blood test done about 2 and a half years ago, I had been gluten free prior to that and after 3-4 weeks of resuming a gluten diet my blood test came back negative, although I am convinced I do have it. Would any of you agree that 3-4 weeks of eating gluten could have give me a false negative?? Do my symptoms convince any of you that I have it? Regardless of diagnosis I am going to stick to a gluten free diet, but I really want to know for piece of mind, and also the potential government reimbursement for gluten free foods associated with celiacs would be very appreciated as a poor student!!