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  1. My daughter has begun having regular bowel movements for the last week. They are formed and I if I catch her before she sits down I could dump them in the toilet. I guess the probiotics that the pediatrician put her on worked. This is the first time every that she has had what I would call normal bowel movements. She is still very irratable but I think that is coming from her age and the fact the she is spoiled rotten. Her appt with Ped GI doctor is this Friday. I am thinking of cancelling since she hasn't had the diarrhea in a week. What do you think? If she in fact had celiac, the diarrhea wouldn't stop would it while still eating gluten?
  2. She has only had the real watery and sometimes mucousy diarrhea for 5 weeks. She was breastfed until 12 months. We started solids at 6 months. I just don't know what is wrong with her. While she was on breastmilk she did have the seedy bowel movements but since she was 12 months she has been on solid foods. I take her to GI doctor next Friday so maybe he will shed some light on this.
  3. My 19 month old daughter has had diarrhea for over 5 weeks now. Some days she goes 5-7 times. I took her to the pediatrician once weekly for the last 3 weeks. The first visit the doctor said that she had gastroentirits. The next week, she had a bowel movement while waiting for the doctor and it had blood in it. The doctor said the blood was probably from where she had so much diarrhea it had busted blood vessels in the colon. She ordered a stool culture to test for parasites, cdiff, and gardiasis. It came back normal. I took her back again and this time the doctor(different ped in the office) was very concerned about the diarrhea and her weight. She weighs 22lbs which is in the 15% for weight. She has always been a slow gainer (she weighed 7lbs 15oz at birth). The pediatrician last week referred her to a pediatric GI doctor. She goes for the appointment next week. The ped also mentioned celiac disease but she said she wanted to wait and let the GI doctor run the tests to save my baby a blood stick (she said he would probably order other labs as well). Her appetite is good some days and some days she hardly eats anything. She does drink well, so I am not concerned with dehydration at this point. She as been waking up at night having bowel movements as well. She has been very clingy and irritable--hard to get to sleep at night. She is very petite and has the ethiopian look (big tummy). She also has had a rash. It begin on her stomach and back but that has gone away and now it is on her face. Her bowel movements contain undigested food (sorry..TMI). The ped last week did give her 5 days worth of probiotics. Her bowel movements did firm up some but she is still having the diarrhea atleast 1-2 times daily. She took her last dose of the Florastor on Monday morning of this week. She had 4 bowel movements yesterday and one during the night last night. She eats all solid foods. I have taken all of her juice away 4 weeks ago. My question is does this sound like celiac disease? I really want to know what is going with my baby. Thanks...