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  1. I had the oddest thing happen this week and the only thing I can think that is in common is the Glade scented carpet...
  2. idonteatwheat

    Can I Eat Sushi?

    As far as the rice is concerned you have to know the type of vinegar they use with it. I've been glutened with just...
  3. idonteatwheat

    Nightmare At Charthouse

    We went to Chart house last night, specifically chose them because they had a gluten free menu. http://www.chart-hou...
  4. I had am ah-ha moment this week and want to share & maybe learn more from others. Do I have low serotonin levels...
  5. I've been on Armour since last September and was doing wonderfully on it (my other hormone levels had increased too just...
  6. idonteatwheat

    Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    http://www.postindependent.com/article/20110406/VALLEYNEWS/110409941/1083&ParentProfile=1074 There was an article...
  7. idonteatwheat

    Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    In contrast you have Ming Tsai, a chef with a child with food allergies who is active with education for food service...
  8. idonteatwheat

    Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    http://www.postindependent.com/ARTICLE/20110330/VALLEYNEWS/110339996/-1/RSS Well it looks like they got the message...
  9. idonteatwheat

    Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    Thank you all, as a group we all have the power to help change this sort of behavior. Yesterday when I posted I was...
  10. idonteatwheat

    Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    From their website they make reference to the Glenwood Springs restaurant still being open in 2008. I only looked because...
  11. idonteatwheat

    Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    Opps your right, I missed that, but it probably would not hurt to let them know just so they can address it since who...
  12. idonteatwheat

    Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    I had to do a few things this morning but came back and did a bit more googling. He appears to work for a restaurant...
  13. I always wondered how much some chef's cared about making something safe for a celiac. I was talking to a friend this...
  14. idonteatwheat

    Hershey's Kisses

    I used to live near Hershey Pa and some of my friends had summer jobs at the factory and also at the Reese plant(OK...
  15. idonteatwheat

    So Frustrated With Family Member

    Thanks, it's just hard. If she was hooked on narcotics no one would give me one iota of flack about trying to help her...